Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 779

At this moment, looking at the apprentice who was kneeling on the ground, a thick complex color appeared in the eyes of Xuefutu:
“Little wolf, how is your injury now?”
Hearing his master asked, Blood Wolf’s face , A deep bitterness and loneliness could not help appearing:
“Return to master, my apprentice…abolished! Although I still have flesh and blood power, because my dantian was abolished, my strength has already fallen from the master!”
“And there is no dantian, His martial arts career has stopped here!”
As the most shining supernova in the East Asian assassin world, falling under the master, this blow was almost fatal to the blood wolf.
Just heard this.
The Blood Buddha smiled slightly:
“Little guy, I have to say, you are lucky!”
The blood wolf was startled, and a deep doubt appeared on his face.
I fell down to the Grand Master, how could it be called luck?
“Do you know why the teacher has been living in seclusion in Robe Lake?”
The blood wolf was startled, looked at his master, and shook his head.
“Master, I don’t know!”
He really didn’t know why the Blood Buddha Tu had such a powerful strength, but he couldn’t live in Lobu Lake all the time.
Once, he had persuaded the Blood Buddha countless times, but the other party was still unmoved.
If it weren’t for the Great Master Lin, Blood Wolf even suspected that his master would live in seclusion forever and never be born again.
“Because, I’m looking for a medicinal herb that can repair Dantian~!” As he said, Xuefutu took out a dry herb from his arms, and smiled at the blood wolf:
“It will help you be born again!!!”
The blood wolf was taken aback for a moment, and then looked at the medicinal herb handed over by Xuefutu, his eyes suddenly flashed with a thick incredible color:
“Master, this… can this medicinal herb really help the disciple to repair his dantian? ”
The blood wolf’s eyes flashed with deep excitement.
He originally thought that his whole life would be over, but who would have thought…
A smile appeared on the corner of Xuefutu’s mouth:
“This grass is called Devil’s Grass! It’s something unique to Lobu Lake! I lived in seclusion for five years in that desolate place, but I only found two plants!”
“One plant, I took it! This is the last plant!”
Five years, two plants were found!
Hearing this, the blood wolf finally understood the reason why his master lived in Lobu Lake.
There was a thick mist of water in his eyes, and he asked the Blood Buddha:
“Master, did your Dantian also break back then?”
If the Dantian is not damaged, the blood wolf really can’t understand it. My master is powerful, looking for the meaning of the devil’s grass.
However, after listening to the question of Blood Wolf.
Xuefutu’s gaze was involuntarily looking to the southwest. He seemed to be able to see through the endless night sky, the sea that was unforgettable, and the pieces of brothers who looked like demons.

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