Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 81

at the same time!
In the Mercedes-Benz, the Baiyi family did not know that the danger had come quietly.
At this moment, all their firepower was directed at Lin Fan who was driving.
“Oh…Xiao Fan, you are too impulsive, how can you beat the old man? Even if the old man is usually snobbery, that is your elder!” Bai Shan sighed, looking at Lin Fan, full of disappointment.
On the side, Bai Yi’s anger was still on his face:
“Lin Fan, this time you are lucky. Fortunately, the western doctor Mike has some ability to save the old man. Otherwise, the uncle and they will definitely kill his grandfather. If it falls on your head, you can’t wash it off by jumping into the Yellow River!”
A family of three reprimanded Lin Fan with all their heart and soul .
It’s just that Lin Fan, as if he hadn’t heard at all.
His current line of sight was completely placed on the vehicle driving behind.
After driving out of the hospital, he had already discovered that he was being watched.
Behind their car, a Land Rover followed far away. The heavy body dented the tires, and several people were obviously pulled inside.
Not only that.
Lin Fan also discovered that there were a few Toyota overbearing vehicles that quickly surpassed him, seeming to want to block ahead.
“It seems that it’s time to loosen up some people!”
Lin Fan’s mouth curled up, and a sharp curve emerged. He slowly turned the steering wheel and drove toward a road with less traffic in the car.
This scene obviously attracted the attention of the Baiyi family of three.
“Lin Fan, what are you doing, this is not our way home!” Bai Yi frowned and asked angrily.
It just makes Bai Yi strange.
Lin Fan didn’t explain at all. Instead, he would drive a Mercedes-Benz, driving farther and farther away from the main city, with less and less traffic.
Bai Yi’s family of three are all dumbfounded.
Until they had just passed a corner, Bai Yi was about to rant and blame.
I saw that at the intersection in front, two Toyota overbearing vehicles suddenly rushed out to stop the Mercedes-Benz from moving forward.
It’s more than that!
There was another rapid braking sound, and the back of the Mercedes-Benz was also blocked by a Land Rover and a few overbearing vehicles.
This scene shocked the Bai Yi family.
“They closed the road? No, this is for us!” All of a sudden, the Bai Yi family’s complexion was pale.
Especially under their horrified eyes.
In every car, four or five big men came down.
They each had a baseball bat, and they walked aggressively towards Mercedes.
The head of the person was wearing a large golden chain with gleaming gold, and a half-inch black tattoo was tattooed directly to the base of his neck.
It looks fierce.
In his hand, he even held a machete.
“This person is… the bereaved dog of Beicheng!”
Bai Yi’s face became paler when he saw this person.
Lost dog!
This is a fierce bully in Beicheng, with twenty or thirty younger brothers under him. He is extremely vicious, and even claimed a few lives in Beicheng.
Especially the person who lost the dog, he was rumored to be very sturdy and sturdy. He drove down a street by himself and injured more than ten people.
It is notorious.
The Bai Yi family never thought that these bullies had found themselves and others.
“Lin Fan, what should we do? Shall we call the police?”
Cold sweat appeared on Bai Yi’s anxious forehead.
Just heard this.
Lin Fan smiled slightly:
“Wife, don’t worry, it’s okay! I’ll go down and talk to them, I think these people will be very reasonable!”
Hearing this, Bai Yi Sanguo almost felt that Lin Fan was crazy.
This didn’t stop there, especially when they saw that Lin Fan opened the door of the car without saying anything, and walked on, his expression changed drastically.
“Lin Fan, don’t go down!” The three wanted to stop, but it was too late.
They can only bite the bullet and get out of the car after Lin Fan.
It’s just that the four people just got out of the car.
The twenty-odd sturdy men came up in a turbulent manner.

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