Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 83

The mourning dog felt his arm, like dead wood, snapped instantly and completely deformed.
Even the white bone spurs actually pierced the skin on his arm and showed up, dripping with blood.
“Ah…” The dog was dumbfounded, and the pain in his arm made him scream again and again.
It’s just that the nightmare has just begun.
Lin Fan’s devilish voice once again sounded:
“Gift one!”
As the words fell, Lin Fan lifted the soles of his feet, and then kicked down against the bereaved calf!
The stray dog’s calf was kicked instantly, like a dry material, breaking and breaking, his whole strong body, as if it had lost its support, fell to the ground on one knee.
“My legs! Ah ah ah ……”
single-handedly, give all broken, which severe pain, so are mourning the dog’s body tremble, his mouth screams, even more strident shrill.
And around.
There was dead silence.
Bai Yi’s family of three, more than 20 big men with baseball bats, were all stunned.
All this happened so fast that everyone didn’t react, and Lin Fan abolished the bereaved dog.
how can that be.
“Boy, how dare you abandon me!” The bereaved dog went crazy, he raised his head and stared at Lin Fan with red eyes.
He couldn’t even dream that he was interrupted by a guy who seemed to be weak.
Just heard this.
Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders with an innocent look:
“Didn’t you interrupt your hands and feet? I’m happy to help!”
As soon as this remark came out, the lost dog and all the sturdy men around became angry.
They realized that this kid was teasing them. He was not trying to interrupt his own hands and feet, but to interrupt them.
This… damn it.
“Asshole! What are you doing in a daze, come on! Destroy this bastard for me!” The bereaved dog was crazy, shouting at everyone around him .
Heard this.
All the sturdy guys around suddenly screamed one by one, waved a baseball bat, and smashed down towards Lin Fan frantically.
The densely packed baseball bats almost covered Lin Fan.
“Lin Fan…”
Bai Yi’s complexion, sigh, pale and bloodless.
That’s it!
In her opinion, being beaten by so many people, each with a stick, is afraid that Lin Fan will be killed on the spot.
It was just that, immediately after that, an unbelievable scene appeared for her and everyone.
Lin Fan rushed into the crowd when everyone rushed up.
His figure is as fast as lightning, making it almost impossible to see.
Especially with every punch he threw, he would discount the arm of a sturdy man, and every time he threw a kick, he would break a person’s legs and feet completely.
…The densely packed sound of fractures, one after another, the sturdy man fell to the ground screaming.
At this moment, not only the Baiyi family of three were dumbfounded, but even the bereaved dog had forgotten the pain in his hands and feet, and looked at the scene in dismay.
Crushing, this is the crushing of a group of people by one person.
Sanggu was horrified to find that his more than 20 subordinates, even the corners of Lin Fan’s clothes, could not touch.
Instead, more and more people fell.
Until there was another “click” sound.
After the last big man’s calf was kicked off by Lin Fan, at this moment, a group of people lay down on the surrounding road.
Each of them deformed their hands and feet, and screamed.
There was only one person standing in the field, and that was Lin Fan.
He didn’t even pant for a bit of roughness. With a faint smile on his delicate face, he said to the mourning dog:
“Buy one get one free, are you satisfied?”

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