War God Asura

Chapter: 1

Abandon Talent
In the Sky Martial Continent, everybody practices the Martial Path. Naturally, every high-level “Martial Master” is highly respected. Many people want to become a Martial Artist and begin to practice hard since early age.
But God creates people differently. Not everyone has a gift in martial arts, or fulfill all the qualifications to become a Martial Master. Even when you make a lot of efforts, if your body doesn’t have “Qi Sea”, then you will never become a Martial Master.
Qi Sea is innate ability and cannot be acquired by practice. Usually Qi Sea will take form when a person reaches 12 to 15 years old, and only if you were the lucky one percent of the population. For this reason many Martial Path aristocratic clans, in order to prevent the decline of the Clan, seek children who have the potential to be trained. The child is then called “new blood”. In the city of Yunzhong there is one such Martial Path aristocratic Clan.
In the Clan’s practice field a group of youths gather. They are the new bloods of this Clan. A young man in white stood as the center of attention on a stage competition, while a black clothed youth bends down to a squat, gasping for air unceasingly, with bloodstain at the corner of his mouth.
“Xing Jue , just give up! You are no match for me,” says the boy in white. He crosses his arms. His face full of ridicule toward the other boy.
“I am not even finished fighting you, how do you know that?” After hearing the words of white clothed boy, he lifts his head slowly. Stiffly he wipes the bloodstain at the corner of his mouth and glares at his opponent, clearly refusing to give up. “Oh? If that’s the case, then today I will show you how massive is the gap between us.” The sneer on the white clothed boy disappears. He then walks slowly toward the other boy. In his right fist a layer of light thicken rapidly.
“Well, that’s exactly what I want.” Seeing his opponent coming forward, the black clothed boy shouts loudly, stands up, and with great speed lunges toward the white clothed boy.
The white clothed boy does not make any effort to dodge. As Xing Jue approaches, the corner of his lips curl into a sneer. He shoots a fist, which does not touch the black clothed boy, but the invisible Qi hits Xing Jue’s body hard.
“Cough!” Blood spurts from Xing Jue’s mouth. His body feels like a kite with broken string, flying up and down uncontrollably, only to crash on the ground.
Xing Jue collapses, grasping his chest. Mumbling, he says, “Is.. is this the strength of Qi?”
“Would you now admit the disparity between us? You are merely trash,” jeers the white clothed boy. His look of ridicule has returned to his face.
Hearing that, Xing Jue’s clenches his fists, his fingers pinch his own palm. His heart unwilling to speak for himself.
“You and I… The difference is too far.” After some silent moment, the black clothed youth suddenly shouts to clear the way, both his feet moved suddenly, then once more he lunges toward the white clothed youth, but this time faster than the previous.
“Overconfident fool.” Facing his opponent, the face of the white clothed youth suddenly burst with fierce colors. He holds up his right fist slowly, quickly layered with more formidable, invisible Qi once more.
“Xing Jue, that’s enough!” It is a faint sound, but after hearing the command, both of the fighters stops abruptly. Looking down at the field is one burly man. The man stands two meters tall, with strong muscles clearly visible even under his coat. He is their teacher, an Advanced Rank Martial Master, responsible for training the new bloods.
“Teacher..” whispered Xing Jue, looking at the man. His jet black pupil unexpectedly flooded with tears out of his will.
“Xing Jue, I know that you will not accept it, but this is the custom of our Clan. Today I let you and Xing Feng compete as an exception. I think now you know the difference between you and Xing Feng?” The burly man says coldly. He looks at Xing Jue without any trace of emotion. Hearing his teacher’s words, the black clothed youth lowers his head, and for a very long time does not utter a single word.
“The gap between Martial Artist and Martial Master cannot be surmounted. Since a Martial Master is able to control Qi, any attack from a Martial Artist is almost invalid.”
“Yeah, but even if you cannot become Martial Master, the Clan will not actually abandon you. Starting today you will be assigned to an industrial part of the Clan. Do your work.” Seeing Xing Jue being silent, the teacher has turned around, speaking behind the youth seriously. “Take it as another way to support the Clan potency. This is the best way to repay the Clan after many years of training you.”
Upon hearing the teacher’s words, Xing Jue walks out of the training ground under the arrangement of a male servant. Qi Sea is not formed in their body. Youths like them are called “trash blood”, and they will not be entrusted with important responsibilities regarding their clans, but are assigned to various industries. When a house slave or a worker displays a good performance, they can only be a young house manager, and today is the day that they transfer.
Looking at the people who gradually dispersing from around them, the black clothed youth slowly stepped down the competition stage. After giving one last look to his teacher, he then reluctantly go out of the training ground under a servant’s lead.
“Hey.. Xing Jue…” But when the teacher looks to his back, the black clothed youth has disappeared. The teacher sighs and suddenly a touch of regret appears on his face.
Xing Jue is 15 years old. He is an Advanced Rank Martial Artist. He was originally the best talent in his Clan batch of new bloods. Nobody would expect that until he reaches 15 years old, Qi Sea still isn’t formed in his body. Although Xing Jue has superb talent, being unable to utilize Qi deems him unable to become Martial Master. Therefore even him can’t escape the destiny which is the banishment from Xing Clan. From now on he is not a new blood. He is merely a house slave.
Xing Jue is sitting in the carriage, looking at the familiar scene constantly passing by out of the window. His heart is filled with remorse. From a homeless youth he became one of the candidates of new bloods. He came with far more talent than other people, became the strongest among new bloods, and had tasted a life full of pride.
Then he remembered the day of Qi Sea congealment, when he couldn’t congeal Qi Sea successfully. His eyes were fixed at the weak person beside him who had suddenly exceeded him simply due to presence of “Qi Sea”. He remembers how his heart became extremely anxious. He has desperately practiced, but still Qi Sea doesn’t congeal in his body. So it goes that this talented boy ends up as a trash blood.
“Xing Jue, teacher is actually being kind to you. You obtained an assignment as a manager right away.” The old servant comforts him. He notices that Xing Jue has been silent for a very long time with sullen expression on his face.
The old man is Xing Jue’s personal servant. Everybody calls him Old Zhang. He himself was also Preliminary Rank Martial Artist. Since Xing Jue was elected by Xing Clan as new blood, Old Zhang had been the one who takes care of him. As Old Zhang sees how Xing Jue grows up, he naturally loves him very much.
“Old Zhang, rest assured. I’m all right.” Hearing his Old Zhang’s words, Xing Jue can feel Old Zhang’s worry. Regarding Old Zhang, he already treats him as one of Clan members, therefore he doesn’t want him to worry. Although his heart still quite sore, Xing Jue manages to squeeze out a smiling face for Old Zhang.
“Alright.” Old Zhang, however, can see through the fake smiling face that Xing Jue displayed. Therefore he just sighs. His heart is full of unspeakable grief.
The horse is quick. Within half of an hour they are already out of the Clan’s training ground. After they go out of the Yunzhong City gate, they directly rushes toward the west.
But as soon as the horse carriage passes through a road, a pair of creeping motions suddenly surround them. Immediately two old men showed up, just like ghosts and demons appearing above the main road.
“This Xing Jue is very talented, yet he is unable to form Qi Sea. This is indeed a strange event,” whispered one of the old men who is wearing an ash-gray long gown. He looks at the carriage that Xing Jue is in going farther and farther away.
“If he could congeal Qi Sea, added with excellent training, then he would be on par even with your Xiao Han,” says the other old man in a white robe, caressing his snow-colored fair beard.
“Unfortunately, he can’t.” The grey-gowned old man shakes his head. When the white-robed old man mentioned Xiao Han, a confident smile appears on his face.
“But that is not necessarily the case.” The grey-gowned old man denies his own words. The white-robed old man palm suddenly turns, and a white object as big as a pearl appears in his palm. It is oval with a clear brilliance revolves in it, making it very beautiful.
“Do you want to help the kid with it? Has an old fogy like you who does not like accepting disciple, now tempted by this kid?” asks the grey-gowned old man, clearly startled by the sudden appearance of a Beast Soul in the other old man’s hand.
The white-robed old man quickly replies, “I am not accepting disciple, but this Beast Soul in my hand is also useless, I will give it to anyone in need.” He looks at the now far away horse carriage and then vanishes.
“You old bastard,” says the grey robe old man with a smile, shaking his head. Immediately his body also vanishes. Two people disappear as if they were never there, without a trace.

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Just the 1st Chapter pulls you into the story as if you are part of it and not just a reader…. Great Job… can’t wait to read the rest of the book ???

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