War God Asura

Chapter: 5

Time flies.
One year has passed.
On the mountain top where Xing Jue resides, there is now an iron pillar; one and a half meter in diameter and standing at ten meters tall. The iron pillar is stuck into a massive rock at the mountain. If it is viewed from afar, it looks like Ruyi stick, the mystical weapon of the monkey king.
However, in closer inspection, there are curious things about this pillar. On this seemingly indestructible iron pillar, there are numerous fingerprints densely arranged. The shallowest one is merely one centimeter deep, but the deepest one reaches to several centimeters. These prints belong to none other than Xing Jue.
Xing Jue is standing in front of the iron pillar, still wearing his black attire that flutters in the wind. He looks spirited and some signs of his childhood have faded, replaced by maturity, He lifts his right hand slowly and immediately a massive golden light Qi continuously whirling in his hand.
Along with it, golden rays of light blasting from his hand. With unceasing condensation of Qi, it keeps intensifying until it reaches a dazzling, terrifying state, oozing a formidable aura.
“Biting Wind Palm,” says he suddenly. The rays of light on his hand blow fiercely on the iron pillar, exactly the same size with Xing Jue’s palm.
The ray of light hits the pillar, making a loud noise that spreads to its center. Even the ground on the mountain trembles slightly.
There is now a 20-cm deep hand print engraved on the pillar. A small crack is formed in the middle. The crack spreads over the pillar’s surface.
Finally the iron pillar collapses to the ground with a deafening noise, splitting into pieces.
“Hahaha! I finally made it!” laughs Xing Jue excitedly at the pieces of pillar on the ground. After one year of bitter cultivation, Xing Jue has mastered the Black Rank Elementary level Martial Skill “Biting Wind Palm”. His strength has now reached Advanced Rank Martial Master, only one step below that of a “Martial Ancestor”. It is ridiculously fast, ordinary people will not be able to achieve that high although they are talented.
If the patriarchs and teachers of Xing Clan find out about his present achievements, they will certainly regret giving up on Xing Jue. For a young man with such cultivation talent, the future is limitless.
His joyful moment doesn’t last long. The Communication Talisman in his chest suddenly burns hot then turns to smoke and disappears.
“Dang, is there an incident?”
There are always two Communication Talismans in a set. They are used for emergency communication. Before he climbed the mountain to practice, he had given one to Old Zhang. Now his Talisman reacts, so something must have happened to Old Zhang.
With his chest pounding, Xing Jue rushes toward the foot of the mountain. He runs faster than a mountain lion.
At the same time in Xing Tavern, Old Zhang is frowning while walking back and forth in the room. His hands behind his back, clasping a small golden invitation letter. The invitation has two large characters above the pamphlet.
“Old Zhang, who sent the invitation? Why do you look so gloomy?” asks Little Hong curiously.
“Hehe, Little Hong, do you know Yunzhong City’s “Three Clans Convention”?” replies Old Zhang with another question.
“Three Clans Convention? Of course I know it! It’s a grand meeting that is held once every three years, and it is jointly organized by the three Martial Path aristocratic families: Xing, Zhao, and Lu Clan. The convention will then choose the best of the three Clans’ “new blood” and have them compete against each other. The winner gets rich rewards from the three clans and he can rule over Yunzhong City for three years,” answered Little Hong in a serious manner. For an event with such scale, even a little girl like her knows it.
“Well said!” That is correct and very detailed.” Old Zhang gives the invitation to Little Hong.
“And this, is the Three Clans Convention Invitation.”
“What? Only aristocrats can receive such invitation. But then, if you receive a precious honor like this, why are you unhappy?” asks Little Hong. Only after she opens it, then she realizes.
“They invite Elder Brother Xing Jue?”
Old Zhang has told the tavern people about Xing Jue’s circumstances. How he was the most outstanding “new blood” but since he didn’t have Qi Sea, he was condemned to live as “trash blood”. Simply said, he has fallen from the sky to the ground.
Now that Xing Jue receives the invitation, naturally Old Zhang’s heart will suffer a certain blow.
“That’s right. The invitation is for Xing Jue,” mumbles Old Zhang. There is now sadness in his heart, contrary to how excited Little Hong is about the matter. Logically speaking there is something fishy about the invitation. Xing Jue is already abandoned as a house slave. They certainly will not invite him to such important convention. There is definitely something going on now, but Old Zhang can’t comprehend what it is.
“Three Clans Convention? Of course, I definitely have to go,” says a refreshing voice from outside the door, belonging to none other than Xing Jue himself.
With Xing Jue’s capability now, his body organs and senses are more powerful than those of normal people. Therefore, while he was still far away from the tavern, Xing Jue already heard their talking, and he immediately understood that Old Zhang worries that he will be beaten badly.
But Old Zhang doesn’t know how strong Xing Jue is now. Perhaps no “new blood” in Xing Clan can compare to him now. The convention is also a good opportunity to show off his strength. There is no way Xing Jue will miss it.
Moreover, Xing Jue has a hunch on who sent the invitation. It might be the white-clad Xing Feng that defeated him long ago. Xing Feng was always in the shadow and was burdened by Xing Jue’s presence. He hates Xing Jue to the bones and showed no respect to him even when Xing Jue was announced as the most prominent “new blood” back then. He must still feel insecure now, that he sent the invitation on purpose to clearly state the “big gap” between them.
Xing Jue grins. Soon Xing Feng will find out that sending him an invitation is a terrible mistake.
“Xing Jue, are you sure you want to go?” asks Old Zhang, clearly worrying about him.
“Xing Clan sent me an invitation. I’m a Xing. There is no reason not to go,” answers Xing Jue while entering the tavern, picking and chewing an apple from a table nearby. He brims with confidence.
“Seems that I worry for nothing then,” mutters Old Zhang. Seeing Xing Jue’s smile has dissolved his fear. This is the same Xing Jue who arrogantly defied all the “new bloods” in Xing Clan. This is the Xing Jue who knows no fear. In this Xing Jue, Old Zhang puts his trust.

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