A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 1

“Master Xiao Fan, it’s been ten years. No matter how deep the resentment is, it should fade.”
“go home.”
“Your father, your grandfather, and your clan brothers are all waiting for you.”
“As for your marriage, it is a matter of family honor and disgrace, descendants, when you return to the family, the family will choose the most beautiful and outstanding woman in the world for you, to be your wife and Chu family’s daughter-in-law.”
“The Qiu Mucheng of the Qiu family is not good enough for you, and even less good for the Chu family.”
Yunzhou City, beside the moat, an old man in Tang costume, his eyes are red, but he persuades him painstakingly. Ye Fan stood in front of them. Compared with them, Ye Fan’s clothes were so ordinary, even a little shabby.
“Yeah, it’s been ten years. It’s just a dog, and it’s getting old. But the so-called family in your mouth really hasn’t changed at all.” Ye Fan smiled, laughing at himself, his brows and eyes slightly red.
“Ten years ago, my parents knelt before the lintel of the Chu family. The family at the time told my father in the same way that my mother was a commoner, humble and contemptuous, not worthy of the Chu family, and not worthy of being a daughter-in-law of the Chu family. And I , It is the base seed born of the “untouchables” in the family. My mother and I were so mercilessly swept out by the so-called family and living on the streets. Until later, I entered the Zuoqiu family and suffered humiliation.”
“Ten years, have you ever managed the life and death of me and my mother. Now, just a few words, let me forget the hatred and the humiliation my mother suffered back then, return to the family with you, and continue the incense of the Chu family. Do you think it is possible? ?”
“Go back and tell the family that my surname is Ye Fan, not Chu.”
“Also, tell me that trash old man. He is not worthy of my mother, and he is not worthy of being my father!”
Ye Fan hated, hated the family’s cold-blooded ruthlessness.
Ye Fan hates even more, his father is weak and incompetent!
Back then, as long as his father had a bit of backbone, he and his mother would not suffer so much humiliation.
Countless times, Ye Fan longed for his father to protect himself and his mother, but his father flinched. Follow the family’s orders.
Even if the Chu family swept Ye Fan’s mother and daughter out, his father just watched in horror. In front of the family, he was afraid to say a word, let alone resist a little bit. He watched his wife and children and suffered humiliation.
He despised him in the heart.
“Master Xiao Fan, you have to think clearly.”
“You have to know what you are rejecting today. That is the wealth of a rich and adversary country. It is a power in the world.”
“As long as you return to the family, within ten years, the entire Chu family will belong to you.” The old man was still persuading.
But Ye Fan turned around and chuckled, “So what?”
“Even if you give me the whole world, in my eyes, Ye Fan will not be as good as her eyebrows, a little cinnabar!”
The words are firm, like a stone falling to the ground, clanging.
Ye Fan has already left, here, there is only a silent surprise!
After a long time, a sigh came from the lake.
A middle-aged man looked at Ye Fan’s back from a distance, but in his heart, there was endless debt and regret.
“Xiao Fan, you are more promising than Dad!” The man smiled with tears.
On the streets of Yunzhou, Ye Fan strode, his eyes flushed.
After so many years of humiliation, Ye Fan felt that he should have been humiliated. However, the appearance of the Chu family still made it difficult for this man in his early twenties to feel calm.
However, life has to go on. Ye Fan was in a good mood and hurried to Qiu’s house.
Qiu’s family is also known as a third-tier city in Yunzhou. However, what made the Qiu family most known to everyone was that three years ago, Qiu Mucheng, the most beautiful woman in the Qiu family, suddenly married a desolate dog-in-law at the time and took her as a door-to-door son-in-law. This incident caused a sensation in the city at the time, and since then the Qiu family has almost become a laughing stock.
It wasn’t until half a year after entering his family that Ye Fan finally understood the ins and outs of the matter.
It turned out that Qiu Mucheng’s family had committed a terrible disaster at the time, causing irreparable losses to the entire Qiu family. At that time, the old man of the Qiu family was furious, and immediately punished Qiu Mucheng’s family, forcibly letting Qiu Mucheng marry a waste, as a punishment, and at the same time warned other family members.
And Ye Fan, as one of the protagonists, has completely become a shame in men’s mouth, and waste in women’s mouth has completely become people’s joke before and after dinner.
At this time, the phone rang, and it was Qiu Mucheng, who was Ye Fan’s nominal wife.
“Where are you, come back immediately, we don’t have time to wait for you.” The cold and majestic tone was like an order.
After three years, Ye Fan was also used to it. But after hanging up, Ye Fan speeded up and rushed towards the Qiu family.
Today is the engagement day of the fourth daughter of the Qiu family.
The father of the Qiu family has five children and one daughter, and Qiu Mucheng’s father is the third in the family. Now, the daughter of the fourth family is engaged, and the Qiu Mucheng family should naturally attend.
“Mucheng, sorry, I have something wrong, I’m late.” Ye Fan hurriedly hurried, finally arrived in time.
At this time, the front door of Qiu’s house was very lively and there were many guests. But Qiu Mucheng’s face was still outstanding, and her graceful body was extremely conspicuous. Ye Fan saw her at first sight.
“Something? What can you do with a trash?”
“I’ve been dragging it all day long. My Mucheng was dragged down by your scumbag.” Seeing Ye Fan, a woman couldn’t hide her disgust, pointed to Ye Fan’s nose and cursed.
Then, seeing Ye Fan’s clothes again, he became even more angry: “Are you a fool? Don’t you know what day is today? Wearing this tattered dress, do you want to lose all of my Mucheng’s face?”
The woman’s face was blue with anger, and she couldn’t wait to kick Ye Fan on her body. Next to her, a middle-aged man also gave Ye Fan a very displeased look. The disgust and disgust were also very clear.
“Okay, mom, don’t say it.” Qiu Mucheng said lightly, in a calm mood.
It seems that she has also lost the habit because of Ye Fan’s shame.
“Why don’t you say, Mucheng, this rubbish was deliberate, it made us ashamed to wear it like this deliberately, he was sent from heaven to torture our family.” Han Li roared angrily, her old eyes flushed, all these years because of Ye Fan, she didn’t know how much grievance she had held back.
“Enough!” Qiu Mucheng yelled suddenly, “Mom, when are you going to make trouble? If you scold him at home, you will scold him, and you still scold him outside. Do you know you beat your daughter in the face? Also, don’t you know that after Ye Fan came to our house, we bought him a piece of clothing? You let him get dressed, does he have it?”
Qiu Mucheng tried her best to keep herself calm, but Ye Fan saw her eyes red.
In the past three years, no one knows what kind of humiliation and grievance their family has suffered.
When he was yelled at by his daughter, Han Li didn’t say anything, but wiped his eyes, then turned and walked towards the room.
Ye Fan didn’t speak either, and went in with Qiu Mucheng.
In the Qiu family, there was a joyous anger.
At this time, the fourth family was standing at the door, warmly entertaining the guests.
“His second sister-in-law is getting more and more beautiful?”
“We’ll be very happy if you can come, no need to be courteous.”
“Hey, you are too kind.”
“So much money? No way, no way, too expensive.”
“Okay, then we will accept it. Remember to inform next time your son gets married.”
“Quickly, Yingying, not soon, thank you second sister-in-law and second uncle.”
The daughter-in-law of the fourth family, Wang Qiaoyu, had a look of enthusiasm. After accepting the guest’s gift, she asked her daughter Qiu Muying to scream her second wife, her mouth was sweet, and then she took the guests into the hall with a thoughtful manner.
“Qiaoyu, congratulations. Are we late?”
At this time, Qiu Mucheng’s family also arrived. Qiu Mucheng’s mother Han Li smiled and stepped forward to congratulate her, and Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan also kindly called out to Aunt Si.
“Oh, it’s okay if it’s late. Anyway, it’s useless if you come.” Seeing this family, Wang Qiaoyu’s smile just disappeared and said coldly. For Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan’s friendly address, she even ignored them.
“Who asked you to come.”
“Isn’t it shameful to still carry this waste?”
Although Wang Qiaoyu had a bad attitude, at least he didn’t tear his face. But Qiu Muying was young and energetic, obviously not so scrupulous. After seeing Ye Fan, she was disgusted. Regardless of the guests around, she directly cursed angrily. Even the uncle and aunt did not call, let alone the cousin Qiu Mucheng.
In the Qiu family, Ye Fan is undoubtedly a shame. The son-in-law is not promising, and Qiu Mucheng’s family is naturally not to be seen.
“Yingying, keep your voice down, pay attention to the influence.” Wang Qiaoyu pulled his daughter a bit, and then coldly accepted the Qiu Mucheng’s casual money, and then let them in and let them find a seat by themselves.
“Be optimistic about that trash, who was told him to throw my house Yingying.” Finally, Wang Qiaoyu did not forget to sarcast Ye Fan.
“This family, a family of four, so many people, with just such a small amount of money, obviously came to eat and drink, it is really shameless.” Behind him, cousin Qiu Muying’s undisguised disgusting voice, Qiu Mu Orange’s face turned white, and Han Li was also panicked, but the family pretended not to hear it and said nothing.
After all, the Qiu family’s five sons are the worst in their family, and the son-in-law is also the least promising. Without money and power, naturally there is no confidence.
At this time, there was a sudden noise outside the door.
Immediately afterwards, a Mercedes-Benz drove up. I saw a young woman walking in with a long skirt holding a man’s hand.
Seeing the visitor, Wang Qiaoyu and Qiu Muying mother and daughter, who were disgusted by the arrival of Ye Fan’s family, were immediately happy. Their faces were like honey and their smiles were extremely bright. They hadn’t reached the door yet, this mother The two women hurried to the door to greet them.
“Sister Mu Hong, fifth brother-in-law, you finally arrived. The fourth sister has been waiting for you for a long time.” Qiu Muying was flattering.
“Quick, please inside.”
“How to buy so many things, it’s so polite.”
“Quickly, come here to mention it to my niece and son-in-law.” Wang Qiaoyu is also very enthusiastic about all kinds of flattering.
With the same relatives, seeing this completely different treatment, which seemed to be a double heaven, Qiu Mucheng’s family felt like a knife.
Qiu Muhong is the daughter of the fifth family. Because of finding a good son-in-law, almost the entire Qiu family was very fond of the fifth family.

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