A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 2

Qiu Muhong’s husband is Jiang Yang. When it comes to Jiang Yang, he hasn’t achieved much. At most, he can be regarded as a top student who is still studying.
After all, what can you achieve in your early twenties? But the key people are awesome. Jiang Yang is the son of a senior cadre. His father’s power in Yunzhou is not small. Before the Qiu Group’s troubles were settled by Jiangyang’s father. Therefore, for Jiangyang, the entire Qiu family was naturally very flattered.
“Ye Fan, what are you doing in a daze, but you can’t move things? Are you blind? No wink?” Qiu Muying turned to Ye Fan and shouted, but she had no respect for Ye Fan’s brother-in-law.
Ye Fan didn’t speak, he stood up and went to work as a coolie to move things. The faces of Han Li and his wife are ugly. They are both the son-in-law of the Qiu family, and Ye Fan is still the brother-in-law, but now they are instigated by others to work as coolies for the younger brother-in-law. Naturally, the two of them can’t hold their faces, and they curse Ye Fan psychologically It’s useless, let him move as soon as he moves.
But Qiu Mucheng clenched her red lips, and she understood Ye Fan if others didn’t understand. She knew that Ye Fan was protecting her last dignity. At least he is the only shame now. If he resists, his family will undoubtedly be even worse.
“Be careful, don’t break it.”
“This is Moutai. You can’t afford to pay for a bottle of more than 1,000.” Qiu Muhong and his wife were also full of disdain when they saw Ye Fan. Jiang Yang was even more afraid that Ye Fan would break something, so he directly ordered.
In this society, there is no money, no power, and an incompetent son-in-law, no one can look down upon.
After the fifth family arrived, the surrounding relatives gathered around to greet a few words, and then surrounded by everyone, led by Wang Qiaoyu’s mother and daughter enthusiastically, walked towards the hall.
“Honghong, you, Yangyang, and your parents sit on this sofa and drink some water first. When everyone is here, we will go to the hotel.”
“If you have any needs, don’t be polite with the four aunts, just be your own home.” Wang Qiaoyu and Qiu Muying were very enthusiastic, holding Jiang Yang’s hand while walking, just like that. Like his own son-in-law. First URL m.
“Why are you out of place?”
After Qiu Muying’s mother and daughter led the fifth family to the main hall, they found that the sofa was actually full.
“Aunt Si, sister Yingying, don’t bother, I just have a meeting with Xiaohong, anyway, I’m going to the hotel soon.” Jiang Yang said kindly.
“How about that?”
“You are a distinguished guest, how can you be allowed to stand.” Wang Qiaoyu glared and refused immediately. After watching it for a while, his gaze immediately fell on Qiu Mucheng’s family of four. At this time, Ye Fan had just finished moving things and was about to sit back.
“Mucheng, um, your family has been sitting for long enough, so let’s let it go. Xiaohong and Yangyang have just arrived, so they have to sit and rest.” Wang Qiaoyu said immediately.
Her daughter Qiu Muying pulled Ye Fan out without saying anything, and asked him to stand beside her.
Although he was reluctant, the master spoke, and Qiu Mucheng’s family could only give up their seats and let the fifth family sit down.
For a time, in the huge Qiu family’s main hall, only Qiu Mucheng’s family was standing there, and the others were sitting there talking and laughing, which was very lively.
Han Li and the others were too ashamed, so they simply waited outside the room.
“The fourth family is just looking down on us. The boss and the second family are all sitting there, so why just tell our family to give way to the fifth family?”
“Isn’t this deliberately humiliating us?” In the yard, Han Li felt aggrieved and roared angrily.
Qiu Mucheng’s father Qiu Lao San didn’t speak, but sighed there.
Ye Fan lowered his head, expressionless.
“It’s all you useless, making our family ashamed.”
“Look at Jiang Yang, then look at you!”
“Why is my life so bitter? My husband and husband are not up to date, and the son-in-law on the stall is also a waste.” At this time, Han Li vented all the grievances on Ye Fan again, yelling at Ye Fan.
“Isn’t it embarrassing enough?” Qiu Mucheng couldn’t help it finally, but the depression for so long broke out at this moment.
“Yes, Ye Fan is really mediocre and incompetent. He is useless and worthless, but mom, why don’t you ask yourself, ask my father, and ask your daughter, do we have the promise? Are we capable? If there is one person in the middle, will he still be humiliated as he is today?”
Qiu Mucheng snarled. She tried her best to keep her voice from choking. She even gritted her teeth to prevent tears from flowing, but Ye Fan still saw that this independent and strong woman, after three years of humiliation, Cried.
With tears, she ran out of the hall and out of the Qiu’s house.
“Qiu Lao San, take a look at the good girl you taught. She married a wimp and let us be ashamed. You still yell at us now?”
“I can’t live this day…” Han Li was still splashing there, but neither of them noticed that Ye Fan was gone.
By the moat, a beautiful woman was crying, tears raining down. It seems that I want to vent all my grievances for three years today.
A man didn’t know when he had reached her side, he stretched out his hand and wiped the tears from the corner of her eye.
“Mucheng, I’m sorry, because of me, you have suffered so many grievances.” Ye Fan paused and continued, “We, divorce. I don’t deserve you, you deserve better people to take care of you.”
With a crisp sound, Qiu Mucheng slapped Ye Fan’s face with a loud slap.
She looked at him, her teeth bit her red lips and shouted with tears, “Ye Fan, why? Why can’t you be like a man?”
“After suffering a setback, I thought about letting go. For three years, I told you not to touch me and you didn’t touch me. My parents beat you and scolded you and you didn’t fight back. My uncle’s relatives humiliated you and you didn’t resist. So wimpy, why can’t you just shut up those who humiliate us like a man, and shield me from all the wind and rain for your wife.”
“I don’t want to be looked down upon, I don’t want to be laughed at anymore, I want to make all those who humiliate us and despise us regret…”
Qiu Mucheng cried loudly. After coming to the Qiu Family for so many years, Qiu Mucheng’s impression of Ye Fan has always been cold, arrogant and strong, independent and stubborn, but now, the once lonely and strong girl went and cried. It’s like a child.
“Husband, I really, really don’t want to live this dim life anymore~~”
Tears shed like rain, Qiu Mucheng cried like a tearful, vulnerable like a helpless child.
Ye Fan was stunned.
For the first time in so many years, he heard that Qiu Mucheng called herself like this.
He always thought that in Qiu Mucheng’s eyes, he was also a useless and incompetent rubbish, but until now, Ye Fan didn’t know that in her eyes, he always regarded himself as her husband, as the one who could shelter her from the wind. Rain, let her trust a man for a lifetime.
“My wife, I’m sorry, I was incompetent for so many years.”
“But I promise, Ye Fan, from now on, in this world, no one will make you feel wronged at all.”
The cold wind was bitter, the lake was rippling, and three thousand leaves were rustling.
Ye Fan clenched his palms tightly, but here made an unchanging promise for Qiu Mucheng!
That night, Ye Fan dialed a call.
“Old Han, make arrangements. I would like to see him.”
The old man on the other end of the phone was stunned for a moment, and then he couldn’t hide his ecstasy, and said excitedly: “Master Xiao Fan, really? You really agreed.”
“Okay, the old slave will make arrangements. Don’t move, a car will pick you up in a while.”
The old man was so excited, he immediately sent a car to go, for fear that Ye Fan would change his mind and run away.
The middle-aged man who received the news also had his old eyes flushed with excitement: “Ten years, Xiao Fan, you are finally willing to see Dad.”
Qiu Mucheng had calmed down at this time and returned to Qiu’s house again to continue participating in the engagement ceremony of her cousin.
Absence of the wedding will only allow these relatives to get more hands on them in the future, and they will lose their tongues. However, coming back again, only Qiu Mucheng was left.
As for Ye Fan, after making a promise to himself just now, he left. Qiu Mucheng was a little worried, afraid that Ye Fan would do something extraordinary because of him.
Although Qiu Mucheng was not satisfied with Ye Fan’s husband. But for three years, Qiu Mucheng saw Ye Fan’s silent dedication to her, the kindness to her, and the swallowing voice in the Qiu family. If there is no emotion at all, it is impossible.
If Ye Fan couldn’t think of doing something illegal because of his previous crying and ruining his life, Qiu Mucheng would naturally not forgive herself.
Therefore, on the way back, Qiu Mucheng kept calling Ye Fan, but no one answered. Finally, Qiu Mucheng sent a text message to Ye Fan.
“Qiu Mucheng, what are you doing? The whole family is waiting for your family? Don’t hurry up, I’m going to the hotel.” At this time, Qiu Muying’s impatient urging sound came from ahead.
Qiu Mucheng gave a hum, and the SMS immediately pressed the send button, and then entered the hall and went to the hotel with everyone to attend the engagement banquet between Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei.
Outside of Qiu’s house, all the Audi cars were ordered by Qiu Muying’s fiance, who came to pick them up to the hotel.
After everyone got in the car, a few Audi cars left immediately amid a low roar. No one noticed that Ye Fan was no longer in the car.
Who cares about this kind of trash door-to-door son-in-law?
Here, looking at the all-encompassing Audi luxury cars, only the passers-by were left with a moment of sigh and envy: “The girl of the fourth family of Qiu has found a good home~
However, at about the same time, by the moat, several luxury cars galloped towards the night. A dozen big men stood in two rows together, respecting the youth in front of them.
“Master, please get in the car!”
“Master, please get in the car!”
That shout shook the sky, and flew countless birds.
A few seconds later.
The engine roared and the orange-red light tore the sky. Several luxury cars, like wild beasts, carrying Ye Fan, galloping towards the distance.
“Look, Rolls Royce~”
“Mom, six cars!”
“The front one, isn’t it an explosion-proof car? A president of a country can only ride this car.”
“At least ten million yuan!”
“Compared with others, our Audi car is really shit!”
“What’s wrong, who’s here?”
“Could it be that Yunzhou City has been out of the dragon?”
Along the way, it was boiling.
Those unmarried women who were dressed up in glamorous boudoirs were even flushed with excitement when they saw such a huge pomp.
Marry, marry this!
Wherever they passed along the way, countless passers-by were almost crazy. Seeing the black caravan passing by, they all sighed and yearned for infinite yearning.
What is a wealthy family, this is what a wealthy family!
Rolls-Royce cleared the way, and countless luxury car guards.
Compared with this, the rich people in their Yunzhou area are probably diaosi.
There was noisy outside, but inside the car, Ye Fan was very calm. He looked down at the phone, which was a text message.
“Ye Fan, I lost my mind just now. I don’t blame you, and I don’t need you to do anything. I will take care of my Qiu family’s affairs. I will go home as soon as I see the text message.-Qiu Mucheng”
Ye Fan turned off his phone, expressionless, but looked at the deep night sky outside the car window.
His eyes were deep, just as if the dragon opened his eyes, the tiger returned to the mountain!
“Cheng’er, starting from today, I, Ye Fan, will have the energy to guard you all the time.”
The luxury car galloped towards the Haiyuan Pavilion, the most luxurious restaurant in Yunzhou City.

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