A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1005

“You…who are you?”
On the ring, Hua Yinglong wanted to look like a ghost, looking at Ye Fan.
He was full of horror.
You know, Xu Fengliang alone knows the identity of his Chu family slave.
How could this kid from Jiangdong know so clearly?
Could it be that he has been investigating himself?
But he is a member of the Chu family.
That was the Chu family, a reclusive wealthy family with power over the world and a wealthy country. How terrifying is the energy of the Chu Family. How could he reach out to the Chu Family for the man in front of him, and he could even investigate the name of the Third Young Master?
Hua Yinglong had to be amazed at Ye Fan’s identity.
But Ye Fan ignored him, still walking slowly, and said to himself.
“Since you are a slave of the Chu family, don’t you know that there is a secret technique for refining the body in the Chu family.”
“Refined Dacheng, with dragon-patterned body, but not afraid of swords and spears, just like the Thunder God?”
Like a thunderbolt.
When Ye Fan said this, Hua Yinglong trembled.
A pair of eyebrows stared forward.
I saw that under Ye Fan’s damaged clothes and on the wheat-colored skin, there was indeed a dragon pattern surging!
The moment he saw this scene, Hua Yinglong was struck by lightning.
“Mo…Could it be that you are also Chu…Chu family?”
Ye Fan shook his head and smiled: “Before, it should have been.”
“But now, I just want to kill the Chu family.”
When the words fell, Ye Fan’s face suddenly became sharp.
At the next moment, I saw Ye Fan step on the ground, jumped, fiercely attacked, and immediately slammed against Hua Yinglong in front of him.
At the moment Ye Fan’s might exploded, Hua Yinglong only felt that the devil’s claws of Death had severely choked his throat.
At that time, Hua Yinglong was shocked, his old eyes almost stared into bells and laughed, and he drank in terror;
“Xiao Xiao, you dare!”
“I’m a servant of Chu Tianqi, the generation of Chu Tianqi, how dare you kill me?!”
Huaying’s dragon’s veins violently violently roared in panic.
However, Ye Fan didn’t care about him and responded with a heavy kick.
“Yundao Tianju~”
“Yunyang kick!”
Ye Fan kicked out in a low voice of majesty.
Hearing a scream, his ribs broke and blood flew.
Just now it was flaunting power. The incredible Hua Yinglong, like a ball, was kicked into the air by Ye Fan.
The whole chest was dented.
After kicking it out, Ye Fan was reluctant.
The whole person is like a tarsal maggot, stepping up from the sky, shaped like a bird, rushing into the air with a beautiful elbow.
Only if Tarzan is overwhelming!
With another loud noise, Ye Fan elbow fiercely into Hua Yinglong’s abdomen.
Blood mixed with internal organ fragments, and c9596235 spurted out frantically.
This time, Hua Yinglong almost vomited bile.
The immense strength carried an unstoppable might, but it directly smashed Hua Yinglong into the ground below.
Just hearing a bang, the earth cracked and the bluestone broke.
The rocks pierced through the sky, rolling up a thousand piles of snow.
The entire ring has been smashed into a huge pit!
Hua Yinglong’s body trembled tremendously, and red blood spurted continuously.
It wasn’t until Ye Fan showed his majesty that Hua Yinglong realized that the young man he looked down upon before had such a powerful majesty!
However, Ye Fan’s strength was not what shocked Hua Yinglong the most.
What made him even more frightened and trembling was that Ye Fan actually used Yundao Tianjue!
Yundao Tianjue is the essence of the Baoyundao Tianshu of the Chu family.

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