A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1030

“Thousands of gifts, he dismissed it?”
“Ten billionaires, he will go right away?!”
“This… who the hell is this?”
“Could it be that Li Xiaohong, a country girl, really got close to a real dragon?
The more Sun Liping watched, her heart became colder.
In the end, I was full of panic!
Obviously, she was a little scared.
Fear that Ye Fan is really a monstrous man.
Fear that Li Xiaohong, this boyfriend, is really a hidden dragon!
If this is the case, then their mother and daughter are afraid they will be finished?
Sun Liping knows how harsh their mother and daughter are to Li Xiaohong these days, and even just incited Li Xiaohong to slap her.
If Ye Fan knew, he would never let them go, right?
“Do not!”
“I do not believe!”
“What can a hillbilly do?”
“These people must have mistaken him for my husband.”
“When my little brother arrives, I will immediately show the true shape of this dick!”
However, even the naked reality is already in sight.
Li Yuan still didn’t want to believe it.
Human nature is often like this. If they don’t hit the south wall, how can they look back?
Finally, as the elevator door opened, Cheng Xiaotian walked in with four or five people from the elevator.
“Brother Xiaotian, husband, you have finally arrived.”
“Their two dogs, men and women, occupy our two positions!”
“Quickly drive them away~”
“These two are country turtles, they both soiled our seats!”
Seeing her boyfriend finally arrived, Li Yuan, like a man in the water, caught the last straw.
Immediately ran over, took his boyfriend Cheng Xiaotian’s arm, pointed in the direction of the two Ye Fan, and roared viciously.
“You crazy woman, do you shut up for me~”
“You want to kill Lao Tzu?”
I thought that my boyfriend would find justice for himself.
But Li Yuan never expected that after hearing her words, Cheng Xiaotian would kick Li Yuan directly on the ground.
The pretty face wiped the ground and rowed out for several meters, and then the red blood flowed down.
However, the pain on the face is not important anymore, the more painful is the pain in the heart.
“Husband, you…you are…”
“To shut up!”
“Who is your husband?”
“Do I know you so much?”
“The young master is here to worship Mr. Chu!”
“Where’s the idiot, shouting about my husband!”
Cheng Xiaotian roared with a dark face, when he was almost scared to pee.
He didn’t expect that this woman, Li Yuan, would be so reckless.
Doesn’t she still understand the situation?
Can’t you see that the man in front of you is a big man?
She even dared to scold Mr. Chu’s terrapin and told him to drive him away?
“Fortunately, Laozi is clever, otherwise this stupid lady would really kill him.”
Just now, when Cheng Xiaotian went to Huaxia Zun, he found that many rich and powerful people came with great gifts.
Cheng Xiaotian felt wrong, so he asked them what was going on.
It doesn’t matter if you ask, Cheng Xiaotian is almost frightened after asking.
It turns out that this banquet at the top of the Huaxia Zun was arranged by the current King Yanjing, Mr. Chu!
Before, Cheng Xiaotian thought that Li Lubin’s family might know Mr. Chu, so he came to have a look.
But now, Cheng Xiaotian finally understands that he dare to love Li Yuan, this wicked lady, because he thought it was Cheng Xiaotian who set up this banquet at the top of Huaxia Zun!

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