A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1056

“Shall I go to Nima?”
“Don’t hurt me if you want to die~”
Teng Along was almost scared to death when he heard that, he walked over and slapped Wang Dali’s face with a slap.
The bang directly drew Wang Dali out.
“Brother Long, what are you doing?” Wang Dali was dazed at the time, full of grievances.
However, where did Teng Along pay attention to him, he cursed, got out, and then trot all the way to meet Ye Fan’s direction.
“Brother…brother…, why are you…you?”
“Haha~” Teng Along was sweating profusely, and the evil just now dissipated. At this time, he stayed beside Ye Fan with a smile on his face.
“Brother, we…we really have fate.”
“Come on, brother, I will pour you tea.”
“The last time I knocked over your skewers, I have been brooding.”
“Today’s meal, I will please.”
“Brother, don’t grab it with me~”
“Old… Boss, don’t froze, serve wine.”
“Take Feitian Maotai!”
“Only national wine is worthy of brother’s identity~”
“Brother, don’t you think?”
“Brother are you cold?”
“The temperature drops by 0404d217 today.”
“Should I ask the waiter to increase the temperature of the air conditioner?”

Teng Along laughed, and shouted at Ye Fan, how affectionate it was. The appearance of serving tea and pouring water is exactly like Ye Fan’s doglegs, where there is half the ferocity and majesty just now.
Looking at the scene before him, everyone present was dumbfounded.
“This this..”
“What’s the situation?” Susie stayed in place.
“Su Yang was lying on the ground, his eyes full of consternation.
The sudden change of Teng Along’s face undoubtedly dropped his jaw.
The whole hall was silent, even if Qiu Muqi and Wang Shengtian looked at the dog-like Teng Along who was flattering Ye Fan, it was like being slapped in the face.
Especially Qiu Muqi, her old face flushed, and she felt hot and painful.
“This Teng Along, is he the master of the martial arts center?”
“I think it’s just a waste dog!”
“Look at the dog, you don’t know what Ye Fan is his father?”
Originally, this Teng Along was Qiu Muqi’s biggest trump card to deal with Qiu Mucheng and the others, but now seeing Ye Fan is like a pug seeing his owner, Qiu Muqi is almost bleeding!
“Mu Qi, it seems that your third sister’s door-to-door son-in-law is a bit unusual?” Wang Shengtian sighed with emotion.
“The fart is extraordinary!”
“This Ye Fan was born in a poor family, just a soil turtle in the countryside, what’s so special?”
“I don’t know which string of this Teng Along is wrong, and he is so respectful to a wimp?”
Qiu Muqi was angry.
However, Wang Shengtian calmed down and said, “Mu Qi, don’t be restless.”
“Good show, isn’t it over yet?”
“Huh?” Qiu Muqi listened, staring at Wang Shengtian for a moment, “Shengtian, could it be you, is there a way?”
“That’s natural, wait to see another play? Today, even if you can’t kill your third sister’s family, you have to make them half disabled.” Wang Shengtian smiled coldly, and raised the glass at the back and drank it in one go!

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