A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1087

“Son, get some good food and run away.”
“Our group is out of help.”
“In just a few minutes, wealthy businessmen from all over China, such as Yanjing, Jinling, Hong Kong Island, etc., all attacked our group.”
“Even international consortia and commercial oligarchs have shot against me Suncheon Group!”
“Everyone is busy disassociating us from it.”
“It’s over~”
“It’s over completely.”
“Our king’s ancestors’ legacy has been overthrown.”
“After I went to jail, you kept your name incognito. Don’t say that you have anything to do with the Suncheon Group.”
On the other end of the phone came the words of his father’s life and death.
A few minutes ago, Wang Shengtian was still heroic and proud of Yunzhou.
Now the bad news is falling, and the family will fall. In just a few minutes, everything that Wang Shengtian is proud of is almost fragmented.
How could Wang Shengtian accept such a gap between the world and the ground in a short time?
After hearing his father’s words almost like a last word, Wang Shengtian, who was nearly a year old, shed tears in an instant.
“Dad, what’s the matter, what’s the matter?”
“Yesterday was fine. I just celebrated your birthday with you last night.”
“Why let the children run for their lives today?”
“Dad, mom, how about you?”
“You let the child remain anonymous, where are you going?”
“If you don’t go with your son, he won’t go if he dies.”
Wang Shengtian was crying in fear.
However, the man on the other end of the phone was still furious.
“Shengtian, my ancestors can collapse, and I can also destroy the Suncheon Group.”
“But you must go!”
“If you still consider me your father, run for your life now.”
“Someone from Zhonghai has already cross-province to arrest you. If you don’t leave, our Wang family is really finished.”
“After leaving, change my name to Yi, not Wang anymore~”
There was a harsh noise on the other end of the phone.
Immediately afterwards, everything fell into silence.
“Dad, dad~”
In this room, Wang Shengtian shouted hysterically.
Perhaps because of fear and panic, Wang Shengtian’s whole body was trembling.
However, he broke his throat when he shouted.
Still no one responded.
On the other end of the phone, there was only a dull beep that kept coming.
Until now, Wang Shengtian couldn’t figure it out.
Why, why on earth?
What happened, the Shuntian Group was overthrown overnight.
Not only the wealthy Chinese businessmen, but even the international business oligarchs have also taken actions against the Shuntian Group, and they have fallen into trouble.
That feeling is like the power of the entire world, dealing with them Suncheon Industry.
“President Wang, I… shall we run away?”
“Needless to say, the designation offends a big man.”
“There is despair at the headquarters. Our branch companies are just trying to persevere and are just looking for a dead end~”
At this time, many employees in the office were all frightened and persuaded Wang Shengtian to run away.
But after hearing the words of his subordinates, Wang Shengtian shuddered.
Finally, he turned around abruptly and turned to look forward.
I saw there, a beautiful figure, but it was smiling.
Sit there and drink tea lightly.
The whole person is as if Pinghu stops water.
The calm look is incompatible with this place.
“It’s you!”
“Bad son, it’s all you!”
“These are all made by you.”
“What the hell are you doing?”

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