A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 113

In Ye Fan’s eyes, what money was exchanged for was the cheapest.
This is why Ye Fan is the most disdainful of women like Qiu Muying who are snobbish money lovers.
However, in today’s materialistic society, such women are often the most. However, the more so, the more sincere and pure women like Qiu Mucheng are, the more precious it is, and Ye Fan naturally cherishes it.
“Brother Fan, my sister-in-law have gone far, why don’t you chase?” Shen Fei’s unkind chuckle came from behind him.
Ye Fan glared at him: “Today I let your sister-in-law scold me, it’s in my stomach!”
What’s so special, if his wife’s strict control is spread, how can Ye Fan gain a foothold in Yunzhou?
Shen Fei smiled: “Of course, of course, hahaha~”
Ye Fan didn’t pay attention to him either, and immediately chased Qiu Mucheng, who was running away with anger.
Shen Fei looked at Ye Fan’s “humble” appearance when chasing his wife, but at last he shook his head and smiled: “This Lushui has some tofu, it really is one thing but one thing.”
While Shen Fei chuckled, his cell phone rang. It was his father Shen Jiuyi who called: “What, the second master also came to Jianghai at night?”
“This is so special, did something happen?” The first website m.

When Ye Fan left the jewelry exhibition, the sky was already dark.
Sun Yuhao wanted to take advantage of this jewellery exhibition to pretend to be forced, and perform a wave in front of Qiu Mucheng. But who would have thought that in the end he not only lost people, but made Ye Fan show the limelight instead.
Sun Yuhao really thinks more and more angry, and thinks and feels worse.
“Brother Yuhao, shall we go back like this?” Han Feifei also noticed that Sun Yuhao’s face was not so good, and asked in a low voice behind.
But at this moment, Qiu Mucheng also happened to come over.
When Han Feifei saw Qiu Mucheng alone, she was immediately puzzled: “Where is he?”
“Hmph, don’t worry about that bastard, I’m mad at me.” Qiu Mucheng was so angry that her cheeks were red, and she dragged Han Feifei back with anger.
However, when the group of three were about to drive back, at this time, one person in front of them looked over.
“Isn’t this Brother Hao?”
“Hahaha, fate.” At this time, a man in a suit
The son greeted him, and when he saw Sun Yuhao, he greeted him and shook hands warmly.
Sun Yuhao was stunned: “Are you?”
“I, Wang Hao. Thanks to Brother Hao for interceding with me last time, or else he would have been opened by the company.” Wang Hao laughed, with a grateful tone.
Only then did Sun Yuhao remember: “Oh, I remembered it, it’s Xiao Hao. The last time I was busy, it was just a small matter, not enough.”
Sun Yuhao waved his hand, with a calm look.
“Haha, it’s a trivial matter for Brother Hao, but it’s a gift for me to recreate. This is my sister-in-law. As expected, Shen Yuluoyan closed the moon and a shameful flower, and is a perfect match with Brother Hao.” At this time, Wang Hao noticed the autumn on the side. Mu Cheng was shocked immediately, her eyes couldn’t move away from Qiu Mucheng, she sighed again and again.
Qiu Mucheng blushed and quickly explained, “You misunderstood, I am not…”
“Brother Yuhao, is this a subordinate of your company? Really speaking, I also think my sister Qiu and Brother Yuhao are a match made in heaven.” Before Qiu Mucheng finished speaking, Han Feifei quickly matched.
Sun Yuhao also smiled, returning to his former proud face again, and explained to the two Qiu Mucheng: “This Wang Hao, my second uncle’s assistant, had some trouble last time, I helped a little bit.”
“Hey, how can it be a small favor? If it wasn’t for Brother Hao to intercede, I’m afraid I will have to live on the street now. Go, Brother Hao, my sister-in-law is here today, please take a while and you can’t refuse. To refuse is to look down on me. Wang Hao.”
Wang Hao was so enthusiastic that he dragged Sun Yuhao, Qiu Mucheng and others towards the restaurant next to him.
Qiu Mucheng didn’t want to go, after all, leaving Ye Fan aside, regardless of running to eat with others, Qiu Mucheng always felt a little bad.
At this time, Qiu Mucheng looked back to see if Ye Fan had caught up, but she couldn’t even see her figure.
“Huh, bastard.”
“My wife ran away in anger, and didn’t know to catch up?”
“I’m furious.”
Almost puffed up, Qiu Mucheng snorted angrily, and stopped paying attention to Ye Fan. Under the instigation of Han Feifei, they also went to the restaurant in front.
“Miss Qiu originally came from Yunzhou? I guess I rarely come to Jianghai, and I don’t know this Shengtian restaurant. Speaking of this Shengtian restaurant, I have to talk to Miss Qiu.”
At this time, Qiu Muying and his party of four had arrived at the nearby Shengtian Restaurant, and took a seat in an elegant room.

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