A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 114

After a brief conversation, Wang Hao can roughly understand the relationship between Qiu Mucheng and Sun Yuhao. It turns out that Young Master Sun is still in the stage of pursuing others, so naturally there is no more sister-in-law calling.
“Huh?” Liu Mucheng wrinkled her eyebrows when she heard Wang Hao’s words, a little curious, “Could this Shengtian restaurant also have a background?”
“Of course, where is this? Jianghai city center, also relying on the Jianghai Guild Hall, can open a shop and do business in this place with little money, which one must have a good background.”
“It’s like this Shengtian restaurant. Sitting behind is the big man in Midtown, Shengtian.”
“The Shengtian Entertainment Group under the name of Shengtian is the largest group integrating catering and entertainment in Jianghai. Of course, this is not the most powerful. The most powerful one was the driver of Chen Tianjiao before. After a few years of cars, Shengtian made a fortune, and it was all covered by Chen Tianjiao.”
“Moreover, in the Jianghai business community, many people say that Shengtian is nothing more than Chen Tianjiao’s puppet. Like Shengtian Entertainment Group, it seems to be under the name of Shengtian, but the real head is still Chen Tianjiao.”
Wang Hao talked freely and filled Sun Yuhao and himself with a glass of wine while speaking.
Qiu Mucheng and Han Feifei did not drink, they only drank drinks.
“Then who is Chen Tianjiao, is he also great?” Han Feifei seemed to be very interested in the relationship between these bigwigs, but she broke the casserole and asked the end.
Qiu Mucheng also listened quietly.
Although these powerful tycoons are far away from them, knowing a little bit more will always increase their experience and knowledge. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Of course!” Hearing Han Feifei’s question, Wang Hao said immediately, “You may not know Chen Tianjiao, but Jiangdong Wang Chen Ao, you should know.”
Qiu Mucheng and Han Feifei nodded immediately, Chen Ao and the others knew that they had just listened to Sun Yuhao.
“This Chen Tianjiao is Chen Ao’s nephew.”
“It’s related, do you think they are amazing?” Wang Hao asked in a deep voice. When he said this, his words were full of awe and admiration.
“Is this… such a hard background?” Both Han Feifei and Qiu Mucheng were shocked, thinking that this rich land of rivers and seas is indeed a hidden dragon and a tiger, and any restaurant has a monstrous background behind it.
Wang Hao continued to smile at this time: “Haha, so, Shengtian, the big boss of this restaurant, is amazing.”
“But although Shengtian is great, Brother Hao is not bad. I remember that at the Haitian feast in Jianghai last year, Brother Hao even sat at the table with Shengtian for a drink.” Wang Hao looked at Yuhao Sun , But said while giving Sun Yuhao a thumbs up.
“Wow, is Brother Yuhao so good?” Han Feifei said in surprise from the side.
Qiu Mucheng was also slightly surprised. Although she knew that Sun Yuhao’s family background was extraordinary, she didn’t expect it to be so extraordinary. I’ve had a drink with a big man like Shengtian.
At this time, Sun Yuhao waved his hands again and again, and said modestly: “Don’t don’t, don’t, I can only be regarded as a junior compared to Uncle Shengtian. I was able to participate in that feast, and it was also the honor of my dad. Uncle Sheng was back then. A toast to my dad at a banquet, and I happened to go with my dad.”
Sun Yuhao said this to a level.
It seems self-effacing, but in fact it is pretending to be a force.
Sheng Tian always toasted his father, and Sun Yuhao’s words were undoubtedly telling Qiu Mucheng that his Sun Yuhao’s background was absolutely extraordinary, not inferior to Shengtian.
However, when the few people were talking 7b4a1f60, the door of the private room was pushed open.
One person walked in immediately.
“Where did the turtles come from? It’s so much fun for Brother Hao, can you really bear it?”
Seeing this man who suddenly broke into a poorly dressed man, Wang Hao immediately became furious and shouted loudly.

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