A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 117

Ye Fan is not a fool, so he can naturally hear the truth.
His expression was even colder at this time, he immediately got up, and walked towards Sun Yuhao and Wang Hao with cold eyes.
“You stinky boy, do you dare not do anything against Brother Hao?” Wang Hao got up and stood up when he saw it, and stood in front of Ye Fan, with a stance that he would do something when he saw a discord.
“Ye Fan, what are you doing?”
“Sit back soon?”
“I’m still here, do you want me to get off stage?”
Seeing this, Qiu Mucheng quickly got up and stopped Ye Fan with eyes full of anxiety and anxiety.
Sun Yuhao and the others are crowded and powerful. In Qiu Mucheng’s opinion, Ye Fan will naturally suffer from the situation. What’s more, even if Ye Fan is really strong enough to win, what about the revenge that follows?
Sun Yuhao’s family is big and powerful, and this kind of person is definitely not something that Ye Fan, who has no background from the countryside, can provoke him.
Therefore, under worry and anger, Qiu Mucheng immediately let Ye Fan sit back. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“It’s them who find the fault first.” Ye Fan said coldly.
“Don’t say a few words.”
“If you really don’t want to stay here, then go, go home and wait for us.”
Qiu Mucheng regretted bringing Ye Fan with him.
Ye Fan, Sun Yuhao and others, who were originally in two circles, could have speculation in words? It is inevitable that there will be contradictions if there is no agreement.
Because, in order to prevent the conflict from escalating, Qiu Mucheng had to let Ye Fan leave first.
Ye Fan glanced at Qiu Mucheng, and seeing her red and angry eyes, Ye Fan finally stopped and sat back to the original position again.
“Not leaving yet?”
“My sister Qiu let you go, so you are still here?”
“It’s really shameless!”
When Han Feifei saw Ye Fan still sitting there, she immediately despised again.
“Okay, you also shut up and say a few words!” Qiu Mucheng also stared at Han Feifei at this time. Han Feifei did not ridicule Ye Fan anymore and turned her head to eat honestly, but she was obviously grieving in her heart. .
Humph, what’s good about a turtle? I really can’t figure out why Sister Qiu still speaks for him?
Qiu Mucheng spoke, and Wang Hao and Sun Yuhao didn’t dare Ye Fan anymore.
On the contrary, Wang Hao still said innuendo.
“Miss Qiu, as the saying goes, taking people’s hands short and eating people’s mouths short.”
“This is something that someone else gave is not yours after all, but it’s not so easy to take.”
“Like me, a fellow, like Brother Ye, mediocre and incompetent, with no strength, and brute force. But I don’t know why, his boss treats him very well, what’s so good about him in his daily life. If the alcohol is good, you can send it directly.”
“In the end, when my fellow got married, his boss gave him a car worth hundreds of thousands.”
“Guess what will happen to my fellow villager in the end?”
Wang Hao took a sip of small wine, but smiled at Qiu Mucheng and the others.
Qiu Mucheng’s heart twitched, isn’t this fellow in Wang Hao’s mouth very similar to his husband’s experience?
The rich and powerful are also called brothers, and millions of diamond rings are directly given away.
“What’s the ending?” Qiu Mucheng said urgently and asked directly.
Wang Hao shook his head and smiled: “As a result, his boss committed a crime and asked my fellow villager to pay for it. Now he has been in prison for several years.”
Qiu Mucheng was a bit white immediately, and the ring in her hand also became a bit dazzling.

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