A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 116

“Hey, Xiao Hao, what do you know about him. If he wants to watch us eat, then let him watch.”
At this time, Sun Yuhao put on a generous appearance and stopped Wang Hao.
Only then did Wang Hao suppress the fire: “Brother Hao is still magnificent. If it were me, I would have beaten people long ago.”
“Come on, Brother Hao, eat food and drink.”
In the room, Wang Hao talked and laughed with Sun Yuhao and others. From time to time, Sun Yuhao would pretend to be a small force. Wang Hao and Han Feifei immediately agreed and laughed, almost calling 666. And Wang Hao would take the opportunity to match Sun Yuhao with Qiu Mucheng and the like.
Between pushing the cup and changing the cup, Wang Hao and others were very lively.
On the other hand, Ye Fan next to him, from the beginning to the end, was sitting there alone, drinking tea with his head down, looking out the window, and listening to the rustle of leaves blowing in the wind outside.
At this time, Ye Fan was just like an abandoned son in the world. The light was dim, falling on him, but it was a shadow.
Several times, Qiu Mucheng couldn’t bear it, and wanted to go and pull Ye Fan to go together, but every time she was stopped by Han Feifei.
“Sister Qiu, what does he care about?” The starting website m.
“He is willing to wait, so just wait. Brother Yuhao and Brother Wang Hao are so enthusiastic, you can’t leave midway, it’s too rude, and I won’t be a good person in the future.”
Han Feifei whispered to persuade, and then took Qiu Mucheng to eat together.
At this time, Sun Yuhao seemed to notice that Qiu Mucheng cared about Ye Fan’s gaze, and his heart became even more unhappy.
Immediately, he raised his head to look at Ye Fan: “Brother Ye, after watching for so long, are you hungry? Don’t just drink tea, do you want me to ask the waiter to serve you two dishes?”
Sun Yuhao pretended to care.
Wang Hao immediately agreed: “Brother Hao, don’t help him order. The food here is expensive. If you order the food later, he has no money to pay for the food, and he will have to rely on you in the end.”
“Then can’t let people just watch?”
“Haha~ This is easy to handle. I will ask someone to serve him two steamed buns, and then a plate of salt water. The steamed buns are dipped in salt water. They are absolutely delicious in the world and they are cheap.”
“Hahaha~ this is a good idea~”
The two sang together, but Han Feifei laughed so hard that Han Feifei couldn’t stand up straight.
Qiu Mucheng was also a little displeased, but before Qiu Mucheng could speak, Ye Fan banged, put down the teacup, and his eyebrows suddenly became cold: “Are you looking for something?”
Ye Fan finally got a little angry.
Originally from Qiu Mucheng’s face, he didn’t want to make the relationship too rigid, so that his wife would not be a good person. However, Sun Yuhao, Wang Hao and others repeatedly humiliated Ye Fan. The clay figurines also had a three-point anger. No matter how good his temper, Ye Fan naturally couldn’t bear it anymore.
Putting down the teacup with a slap, there was already a chill in his eyebrows.
“Yo, are you still angry?”
“Don’t be angry, Young Master Ye, who would dare to ask you about it? You are so awesome that even Young Master Shen gave you a diamond ring?”
“You are a low-key rich and young. We are all poor dicks from the country. Don’t you dare to provoke you?”
Sun Yuhao chuckled coldly, but said the opposite, with mockery and disdain in his eyebrows.
“Brother Yuhao, you are too good, this horrible person does not carry a dirty word.”
“Brother Yuhao is right. Ye Dashao is a rich young man. We are all turtles from the countryside. How dare you look for you?” Han Feifei almost laughed at Sun Yuhao’s words. .

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