A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 120

“Uncle Sheng, isn’t it? This is Sun Yuhao. My father, Sun Xiang, had dinner with you last year.”
Sun Yu Howard paused and looked at Shengtian ahead with a smile on his face. Seeing Shengtian not speaking, Sun Yuhao was overjoyed.
It looks like there is a play!
So Sun Yuhao continued: “Uncle Sheng, this is my friend. I don’t know where he has offended you? If so, I hope that Uncle Sheng regards my father’s face and spares him this time. Sheng My father and I will remember this uncle’s favor.”
After speaking, Sun Yuhao looked at Shengtian ahead.
At this time, Shengtian was sitting on the Grand Master’s chair and lit a cigarette. In the smoke, he looked at Sun Yuhao and frowned: “Young man, what did you just say, tell me again.”
Shengtian’s tone was a little cold, and Sun Yuhao trembled in his heart, a little out of the bottom, but he still said: “Uncle Sheng, my father Sun Xiang, I drank with you last year. I hope you look at my father’s face My friend once.”
When Sheng Tian finished listening, his old eyes glared, and he drank coldly: “What did you say just now, tell me again.”
Second Austria!
Sun Yuhao cried at the time.
I thought you would give me a lot of face, you are talking, pretending you can’t hear what the hell is here. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
However, even though Sun Yuhao was terrified, it is reasonable to say that his father knew Shengtian as well. With this friendship, he should be able to win the name of a small person.
Therefore, Sun Yuhao plucked up his courage and said again: “Uncle Sheng, father Sun Xiang, I hope you…”
Before Sun Yuhao finished saying this, Sheng Tian threw the cigarette in his hand to the ground with a slap, stood up and stomped on the cigarette butt, and then drank again: “What did you say, stinky boy? Tell me again?”
Sun Yuhao peeed at the time, and he was almost frightened.
Under Shengtian’s drink, Sun Yuhao’s entire face was trembling, and his whole body was frightened.
This time, he opened his mouth and screamed, but he dared not say a word.
“Mr. Sheng, don’t frighten others.”
“Be careful that his father is here~”
The bald boss Du on the side laughed suddenly when he saw Sun Yuhao’s fright.
Sheng Tian also sneered at the end, and then sat back on the chair again, looking at Sun Yuhao who was trembling, and smiled lightly: “Young man, you can pretend to be forceful, but before you pretend to be forceful, you must have the capital.”
“A yellow-haired boy who has not grown his hair, dare to use your father’s name to crush me. Give you face? Even if your father is here in person today, he dare not ask for my face.”
Sheng Tian sneered, then continued to beat Wang Hao.
“You…you are rich and powerful, but you can’t bully people like that, aren’t you afraid that the police will catch you?” Han Feifei suddenly muttered at this time.
“Feifei, don’t talk nonsense.” Qiu Mucheng rubbed Han Feifei immediately.
But obviously, it was too late.
Shengtian’s gaze has fallen over. Seeing Han Feifei and Qiu Mucheng on the side, Sheng Tian was taken aback.
Then he sneered: “Yeah, the two chicks look quite upright.”
“Well, since you feel so sorry for him, then I will spare the two or five boys.”
“However, you two chicks, you have to come over and have a drink with boss Du.”
Sheng Tian smiled badly, and then waved his hand to make the two of his men walk in the direction of the Qiu Mucheng sisters.
“You…what are you doing?”
“You stay away from us~”
Han Feifei was frightened suddenly, tears almost flowed out.
Qiu Mucheng’s pretty face was pale, and she pulled Han Feifei back again and again.
However, at this moment, a figure quietly stood up and stood in front of the two Qiu Mucheng.
“Shengtian, right?”
“For the sake of face, let them go, she is my wife.”
Ye Fan put his hands in his pockets, stood there, looked at Shengtian, and said lightly.

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