A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 121

The world is quiet. The air seemed to freeze.
When Ye Fan said this, the whole hall was silent.
Everyone looked at Ye Fan with surprise.
Sheng Tian and others looked at Ye Fan as if they were looking at an idiot.
Immediately afterwards, a burst of harsh sarcasm laughed, one after another.
“Give you face?”
“Which green onion are you special? Do I know you so much?”
“Give it back to your wife, he is your father today, and Shengtian will also take it away.”
Sheng Tian and others laughed for a while, as if they had heard the funniest joke in the world.
They only felt that the poor young man in front of them was too self-conscious. Remember to read in one second
Just now Sun Yuhao pretended to be forced, at least to move out of his father’s name. But the person in front of him, said he was not ashamed of his face?
“What do you think of yourself as a nasty brat?”
“The son of the richest man? Or mayor Jianghai?”
“What kind of thing do you dare to pretend in front of me?”
On the Grand Master’s chair, Sheng Tian raised his face and looked down at Ye Fan. The high voice was full of disdain.
Facing Shengtian’s anger, Ye Fan was still calm and chuckled: “I really don’t count as a thing, but I only know,” Ye Fan paused and looked at Shengtian, “You can’t offend me.”
“Damn, let me go to Nima!”
“Don’t hurt us if you want to die!” Sun Yuhao on the side peeed when he heard this.
I thought I would be killed by this idiot this time.
Who is Shengtian, Chen Tianjiao’s person. These big guys, his father is not in the eyes, you are a local turtle from the country, where is the courage to speak so boldly?
“Damn, I knew Ye Fan was so wicked, so it was time to drive him away!”
Sun Yuhao was trembling all over, and there was a mourning in his heart.
He was now afraid that Ye Fan, an idiot, angered Shengtian, and finally moved on to themselves.
“Ye Fan, what are you doing, are you crazy?”
“do you know who he is?”
“What nonsense!”
Qiu Mucheng’s face was pale as paper at this time, and her heart was worried and angry.
The one who is angry is that Ye Fan is arrogantly here again, and the one who is worried is Ye Fan’s safety.
How could he be merciful when Ye Fan offended a harsh person like Shengtian?
“Damn, shame on you!”
“You are a terrapin from the country, and a useless son-in-law, what can you do blindly?”
“Sooner or later, you idiot will kill you!” Han Feifei also cried in fright, and cursed at Ye Fan.
Upon seeing Ye Fan, the surrounding diners shook their heads for a while.
“Another one looking for death.”
“Is it bad to be alive?”
“A door-to-door son-in-law also provoke Shengtian.”
“Isn’t this life and death?”
Everyone sighed.
At this time, Shengtian’s expression was undoubtedly completely cold, an old face, almost dripping with gloom.
“Ciao, dare to humiliate Brother Tian and look for death!”
Sheng Tian hadn’t spoken yet, but the bodyguards on his left and right were already angry, and he was going to beat Ye Fan with a step forward.
However, Shengtian stretched out his hand to stop them.
He sat on the chair of the master teacher and slowly lit a cigarette again. In the smoke, Sheng Tian looked at Ye Fan, but the old trick was repeated, and his words immediately sounded.
“Young man, what you said just now, come over and tell me again.”
Shengtian’s words were filled with infinite chill and coldness, and many people followed him. They knew that Shengtian was about to get angry.
Ye Fan chuckled and walked over obediently.
However, who could have imagined that when everyone thought Ye Fan was soft, Ye Fan suddenly raised his leg with a bang, and his long leg brought a low sound burst, and Ye Fan suddenly kicked the left of Shengtian directly. The bodyguard kicked out.
Hundreds of catties smashed the window and flew out, and the broken glass flowed all over the floor.

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