A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1219

The dinner continued.
In the following time, Ma Mingbo still talked to Susie from time to time.
Susie was obviously not in high spirits.
Every time Ma Mingbo asked Susie a question, Susie turned her head to ask Ye Fan again.
“Brother Xiaofan, what do you think?”
“I don’t know about this, let me ask my brother Xiaofan~”

“Brother Xiaofan~”
Susie has Xiao Fan’s brother on the left and Xiao Fan’s brother on the right, and she looks a lot of obedience to Ye Fan.
Although Ma Mingbo’s surface was still calm, there was a bit more hostility and ice cold in the eyes of Ye Fan between his brows.
Later, Ma Mingbo knew that Susie’s thoughts were all on Ye Fan, so he stopped asking herself to be boring and getting close to Susie.
He understands women, and the more you please in every way, the less she looks down on you.
The wisest way is to show your excellence.
As the saying goes, peaches and plums do not speak for themselves.
When he performed well enough, he didn’t believe it, so would Susie look down on him?
At this time, Mr. Su’s gaze happened to look over, smiling at Ma Mingbo with joy.
“Mingbo, did you come by yourself?”
“Your father, didn’t they come?”
“I heard that in two days, it will be the Haitian feast.”
“Your Ma family is second to none in Nanquan, should you be invited?”
Old lady Su asked with a smile.
“Grandma, I have received an invitation. But the group is busy, and my father has to wait until New Year’s Day to come.”
“I’m not anxious to see you, because I just came two days in advance.”
Ma Mingbo’s words made the old lady happier.
“It’s still your Ma family’s prestige, unlike my Su family, who can barely rank among the first-class families in Yunzhou. We are not qualified to go to the Haitian feast.”
“Cici, did you hear that? If you find her husband’s house in the future, you will have to find a nobleman like Mingbo.”
“If this is the case, you will be able to get in touch with the big figures who are on the top of this society.”
Old lady Su said meaningfully.
Then, the old lady looked at Ye Fan again.
“By the way, your name is Ye Fan, right? I haven’t asked you yet, what do your parents do?”
“Where are you now?”
Susie’s pretty face turned pale when she heard this. Before Ye Fan could reply, she hurriedly said: “Grandma, Ye Fan’s parents are doing business in another city, and it takes a long time to go home.”
“As for Ye Fan, my father spent millions of annual salaries to dig from my girlfriends company to serve as a senior consultant for Yuanshan Group.”
“What, is it only one million annual salary? Sissi, my mother explained that Bo brother earns hundreds of millions a year. Compared with Mingbo, my brother-in-law is too inferior?” At this time, a small cousin of Susie said Without blocking, he said with emotion.
Susie glared at him immediately: “Eat your meal, the grown-up talks, what is your little kid?”
Susie’s little cousin closed her mouth in fright.
However, Ma Mingbo’s mouth curled up unconsciously.
I thought that the person Susie would be attracted to would be what kind of talent, but now it seems, but so.
“Does Brother Ye do business too?”
“I don’t know what kind of business I am doing.”
“Can you tell me more about it?”
“Maybe I can still learn from it.”

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