A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1220

Ma Mingbo seemed to see some suspicion from Susie’s reaction, and suddenly smiled inexplicably.
“Um, I object to his family…”
“Cici, what are you talking about? Does your boyfriend know how to speak?” Susie wanted to help Ye Fan to stop him, but Old Madam Su was unhappy.
Susie closed her mouth immediately, but still winked at Ye Fan.
Obviously, he wanted Ye Fan to make it up.
However, Ye Fan turned a blind eye, and faintly replied: “I’m afraid I will disappoint you.”
“My mother doesn’t do business, but a simple farmer in the country.”
Everyone was surprised.
Su Yuanshan’s old face twitched.
Susie stroked her forehead even more.
This time, I am afraid it will be over.
Sure enough, Susie’s little cousin immediately dissatisfied.
“So, he is a countryman?”
“Sister Qianqian, why do you find me a countryman to be my brother-in-law.”
“What a shame to speak out.”
And Old Madam Su was obviously angry, and immediately asked Su Yuanshan who was aside: “Yuanshan, what’s going on?”
“You just let Cici marry him?”
“It’s a nonsense!”
Su Yuanshan suddenly bitter, and explained in a low voice: “Mom, birth doesn’t mean anything. As long as Ye Fan is talented, that’s enough.”
“People Zhuge Wolong also worked in the countryside.”
“Zhu Yuanzhang, the founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty, was also born poor.”
“But in the end, isn’t it also the pinnacle of totalitarian power, so few people can match it?”
“Enough, you don’t use these to fool me. In China’s thousands of years of history, there have been a few Zhuge Wolong, and a few grassroots emperors?” Su Yuanshan was still there talking, but the old lady was angry. , Asked coldly.
“Could it be that you still think that the one in front of you is the chosen person who is born in thousands of years, the son of a true dragon?”
Being so reprimanded by the old lady, even Su Yuanshan, the head of the Su family, suddenly had nothing to say, bowed his head and said nothing.
Seeing that the atmosphere of the family banquet was already tense, Ma Mingbo saw it, but said with a smile: “Grandma Su, why are you angry with this good meal?”
“Sister Cici was young and careless, and she was deceived for a while. This is quite normal.”
“I also came from this age.”
“It’s a good thing to eat a bit and grow a wise, to this extent, isn’t it?”
“Furthermore, what Uncle Su said is right. Maybe Brother Ye really has something flashing that ordinary people don’t?”
“Anyway, no matter what, grandma, don’t be angry, your body is the most important thing.”
“You can’t rush about feelings, you have to take your time.”
Ma Mingbo’s words were polite and courteous, and the Su family members secretly admired them.
Lao Taijun Su also admired: “Look at Ming Bo, this is the son of a big family. Talking, manners, and integrity are beyond the reach of ordinary people.”
“Cici, grandma hopes that you will find a descendant of a wealthy family, not a background family who covets others. What you want is the cultivation of others.”
“Just talk about the poor country boy and Mingbo you were looking for. Although tonight is a family dinner, for them, it must be regarded as a formal occasion.”
“Look at the clothes of your brother Mingbo, and then look at the clothes of the poor boy. This is the most obvious gap.” Old lady Su lifted one by one and said in a deep voice.

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