A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 122

“Smelly boy, you are so brave~”
Ye Fan’s sudden move shook everyone, and Sheng Tian’s subordinates were immediately shocked. In rage, they picked up the stick to dry Ye Fan.
However, Sheng Tian still stopped them. He suppressed the anger in his heart, and his tone became colder. Above his eyebrows, he was sullen with endless chill.
Obviously, Shengtian was on the verge of running away, but he was still sitting on the chair of the master, with his eyebrows like a knife, and he drank in a cold voice: “What did you just say? You can tell me again.”
Ye Fan still ignored him, kicked out again by surprise, and this time kicked the bodyguard on Shengtian’s right.
He slammed on the high wall, and finally groaned like a dog on the ground, vomiting blood all over the floor.
“Boy, you are paralyzed~”
The eyes of Sheng Tian’s men were red at the time, and they roared and drew to Ye Fan again.
Shengtian stopped them again. At this time, Shengtian’s old face was undoubtedly gloomy to the extreme. Ye Fan’s rebellion against him twice in succession was undoubtedly completely angering Shengtian. First URL m.
In the end, Sheng Tian threw away the cigarette butt with a snap, then got up and stood up, raised his foot and stepped on the cigarette butt on the ground fiercely, shouting angrily: “Smelly boy, what did you just say!”
“You special! What! Again! Here! Old! Son! Say! Once! Again!”
As soon as Shengtian’s words fell, and the whole person just stood up, he was kicked out by Ye Fan.
Hearing a bang, Sheng Tian’s body of several hundred jin was lifted back onto the chair of the Supreme Master by Ye Fan’s kick. In the end, the chair flew out like a cannonball, and after smashing countless tables and chairs, it fell on the ground. Lying on his stomach like a dog, the floor trembled three times.
“Let me say it again?”
In the hall, Ye Fan put his hands in his pockets and looked condescendingly.
The faint tone was so calm.
As if he was kicked just now, it was really just a dog, not the Shengtian that swept across the river and sea in the city.
Everyone was dumbfounded. The bald boss Du, who was next to him, was so scared that he rolled over from his chair and almost belched directly.
The rest of the people were even more shocked.
The audience was silent, and the whole hall
In, almost audible needle drop.
All this happened so fast that before everyone could react, Sheng Tian had already taken a chair to fly?
Before that, who could have thought that the young man in front of him was so anal, facing Shengtian’s three roars, he just kicked three times without saying a word.
One kick the big man, two kick the bodyguard, and finally, even Sheng Tian himself was kicked out like a dog.
Ye Fan’s tough methods undoubtedly trembled everyone.
Qiu Mucheng was already panicked, looking at the faintly standing man in front of her, her eyebrows were full of shock.
In his mind, it was all Ye Fan’s heroic and brave kicks just now, “Just… just now, so… so handsome!”
Han Feifei and Sun Yuhao were also completely dumbfounded. The two of them stared at nothing. In the scene just now, it was like watching a movie. Shengtian’s subordinates didn’t even react, so they were put down by Ye Fan, even Even Shengtian was kicked by Ye Fan.
“This guy, this… so powerful?”
Han Feifei was stunned there, looking at Ye Fan’s back, his eyes were almost different.
Wang Hao lying on the ground was also stunned. Obviously everyone had never expected Ye Fan to be so powerful. Thinking that Wang Hao was planning to beat Ye Fan before, now that Wang Hao shivered in retrospect.
This is so special that I just wanted to die!
“My God, my God~”
After a long silence, Shengtian’s men hurriedly went to help Shengtian.
“Asshole, don’t go!”
“Dare to kick me, you are the first one, today I will kill you~”
“I’m telling you, you are so dead!”
“Call someone, call me someone, everyone~”
Sheng Tian was completely angry, his old face was green, and he roared like crazy.
Ye Fan was still calm, but when these people were all going to help Shengtian, he turned around and said: “Mucheng, you go first. Leave it to me here.”
“No, they will kill you. You also go with us~”
As soon as Qiu Mucheng heard this, she didn’t know if it was because of fear or worry or something, and tears flowed down her eyes.
In Qiu Mucheng’s eyes, two fists were hard to beat four hands. Even if Ye Fan had some brute force, it was impossible to deal with so many people in Shengtian with one person.

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