A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 127

Among the restaurants.
Sheng Tian and the bald boss Du knelt on the ground in despair.
Chen Ao was begging Ye Fan for them.
Ye Fan took a sip of tea, glanced at them, and shook his head with a smile: “No matter, for Chen Ao’s plea for you, I will forgive you this time.”
“But I would advise you that in the future, it is better to be more restrained. After all, no one can say that the people you look down on are really offensive?”
“Don’t you say, Brother Tian?”
Ye Fan got up and patted the shoulders that were afraid of Shengtian. The hair on the whole body was erect when the Tiange called Shengtian.
Shengtian quickly said yes, and promised to restrain his subordinates in the future, be strict with himself, and never bully others.
“Also, Mr. Chu will call me Xiaotian in the future. Brother, I can’t bear it this day.” Sheng Tian bowed his head and said, because of fear, cold sweat was on his forehead.
Ye Fan didn’t answer, just talked to Chen Ao, and was about to leave.
“Mr. Chu staying no more? There will be a party in a while, Mr. Chu can…” Chen Aowan said. Remember to read in one second
Ye Fan waved his hand: “No need, my wife will be worried if I go back late.”
“This~” Chen Ao and the others suddenly laughed bitterly when they heard this, “Mr. Chu is really a good man of the Gu family. It is a blessing for Mrs. Chu to marry someone like Mr. Chu.”
Ye Fan said this, and Chen Ao and others naturally didn’t dare to stay anymore. If it caused family conflicts, it would be bad.
“You just said a party, what kind of party was it?”
On the way out, Chen Ao respectfully accompanied him, and Ye Fan asked casually.
Mentioning this, Chen Ao frowned unconsciously: “I have some trouble, I want to call everyone to discuss countermeasures.”
“Trouble, what’s the trouble?” Ye Fan suddenly became interested. Even if Chen Ao’s position in Jiangdong is not unsurpassed, it definitely ranks among the top five in the province.
Ye Fan also had to be curious to make him such a top boss feel thorny trouble.
Chen Ao sighed: “Hey, I’m not afraid of Mr. Chu’s jokes when I say it. Mr. Chu doesn’t pay attention to Jiangdong’s affairs on weekdays, but he doesn’t know that the situation in Jiangdong is a bit unstable now.”
“Oh, unstable? Could it be that Jiangdong, there are still people who refuse to accept you?”
Chen Ao shook his head and smiled bitterly: “It’s not just disobeying me, but disobeying the whole Jiangdong.”
“I don’t know if Mr. Chu has heard that Lin Qingquan, the richest man in Guyang City, and Niu Chaoyang, the richest man in Changdong City, have passed away a few days ago.”
“Isn’t it passed away?” Ye Fan had also seen this incident on the news. It only said that he died from a serious illness. Ye Fan didn’t think much about it, but now Chen Ao suddenly mentioned it, Ye Fan had to Doubt, “Did you mean…”
Chen Ao nodded: “Yes, these people, where is the death of illness, but was killed.”
“The one who killed them was the richest man in Jiangdong, Wu Herong.”
“Ten years ago, Wu Herong ruled Jiangdong, but this man was a tyrannical person. He used all means for his own benefit. At that time, I didn’t know how many people were driven to ruin by his despicable means, which became a stepping stone to his success. Later, Wu Herong became a drug business. The accumulation of wealth eventually aroused the anger of the Jiangdong people. At that time, a total of 16 cities in Jiangdong Province jointly reported that the man’s wealth empire was destroyed.
“Later Wu Herong’s subordinates were basically all imprisoned, but he himself escaped overseas and disappeared.”

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