A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 128

“Many people thought that Wu Herong had already died as a guest in his hometown, but who would have thought that after ten years, this person would make a comeback and return to Dongzhou.”
“Furthermore, Wu Herong has trained overseas in the past ten years, and dozens of good players in the Niu family have not been able to stop him for a moment. Even the personal bodyguards Lin Qingquan has spent a lot of money have never done a trick under his hands. The throat was blocked by one finger.”
“Nowadays, all the forces in Jiangdong are undoubtedly in danger. That’s why we just met tonight to discuss the plan to deal with Wu Herong.”
Chen Ao’s face was dignified. He was also one of the forces that prosecuted Wu Herong. Now Wu Herong’s return to Jiangdong is obviously for revenge. If Wu Herong’s affairs cannot be properly resolved, Chen Ao is afraid it will be difficult to keep him.
“Interesting, just a mere person disturbed the whole Jiangdong. It seems that Wu Herong does have some ability.” Ye Fan listened and smiled faintly. Then he looked at Chen Ao and said casually, “What? So, do you have a countermeasure now? Do you need my help?”
When Chen Ao heard this, he was overjoyed: “Could it be the Chu family, would you like to save me Jiangdong?”
“If the Chu family makes a move, don’t say that one Wu Herong is ten and one hundred, then it shouldn’t be fearful~”
Chen Ao was ecstatic at this time. These days, he has trouble sleeping and sleeping, and can’t sleep at night, all of which worry about it. If the Chu family had come forward now, then why should Chen Ao fear him?
After all, Chen Ao knew a little about the energy of the Chu family.
This is a behemoth that even a country must treat seriously. This kind of force, dealing with a bereaved dog, is tantamount to catching it. First URL m.
“You think too much. I’m talking about me, not the Chu family.”
However, the following sentence from Ye Fan was like a pot of cold water pouring, and the smile on Chen Ao’s face suddenly stagnated.
“Are you yourself? Dealing with Wu Herong?” Chen Ao was stunned.
“Why, don’t you believe me?” Ye Fan’s lips curled up and smiled faintly.
Chen Ao smiled awkwardly: “Mr. Chu, it’s not that I, Chen Ao, doesn’t believe you. Mainly, Wu Herong is cruel and powerful. It is said that he has been a mercenary in the Western world for the past ten years and is full of murderous skills.”
“Although Mr. Chu is exceptionally talented and strategizes no one can match, but this talent meets soldiers, even if he has a talent and strategy, it is difficult to display it, so~”
Chen Ao said a lot, but to sum it up, it is just one sentence.
He was afraid that Ye Fan would be killed by Wu Herong.
After all, even though Ye Fan had a strong background, he was brilliant.
In addition to relying on Ye Fan’s secret financial support, Chen Ao’s success in these years also included the tricks and tricks Ye Fan gave him at critical moments, and finally he was named as the East King of Chen Ao Jiang.
Chen Ao also truly admired Ye Fan.
However, Chen Ao really couldn’t have any confidence in Ye Fan with the effort.
Just Mr. Chu’s small body, who was born in a wealthy family, I’m afraid that he has never seen blood. When he meets Wu Herong, a cold-blooded soldier like Wu Herong who has been fighting on the tip of a knife for nearly ten years, he can’t slap him to death?
“Don’t believe me, is this young master too lazy to help?”
Ye Fan listened to Chen Ao’s tone, snorted, and left.
However, Ye Fan hadn’t walked a few steps after leaving the restaurant, and a car drove up to him and rammed Ye Fan.

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