A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1340

“A nameless bastard who dares to mad at me? Someone who dares to beat me? Even more humiliating my brother-in-law?”
“Today, I have to let him know how many eyes does Ma Wangye have?!”
“Do it for me~”
In his anger, Sun Jianhao was about to give an order to let his men beat Ye Fan.
But what Sun Jianhao didn’t expect was that Ye Fan was still answering the phone at this time.
Seeing the scene before him, Sun Jianhao was so angry that he almost vomited blood for three liters!
“Bunny boy, are you really indifferent?”
“When you die, how dare you call!”
“Who did you call?”
“Your father?”
“Also, leave your last words, and I will send you on the road in a while!”
Sun Jianhao scolded angrily, but Ye Fan looked a little weird.
“Mr. Chu, what’s wrong with you?”
“Why don’t you speak?”
“what happened?”
On the other side of the phone, Lei San was leaning on the sofa soaking his feet, while his wife was waiting next to him, helping Lei San to rub the mud on his feet.
Suddenly hearing the noise on Ye Fan’s end, Lei San suddenly wondered.
The purpose of his call was to invite Ye Fan to come home at night and have a meal together. It is good for Mr. Chu to get rid of the dust, and at the same time connect with the relationship and close the relationship.
However, Lei San estimated that he would never have thought of what Ye Fan was going through at this time.
“Lei third, right?”
“I’m looking for you.”
“You Sanye Lei is so majestic. The first day I came to Jingzhou, I was surrounded by your people.”
“Impossible, Mr. Chu, you must have misunderstood. My loyalty to you, Lei San, is a lesson from heaven and earth. How dare I lead someone to deal with you, am I not looking for death?”
Lei Old San was talking in fear, and turned his head around. After seeing Lei Aoting playing games on the sofa, Lei Old San’s hanging heart was completely relieved.
He was afraid that it was his own bastard son who would provoke Mr. Chu.
But now, Lei Aoting is not out at home, so Lei San is sure that Ye Fan must have admitted the wrong person.
Ye Fan chuckled back.
“is it?”
“Then why, here is a person from Sun Jianhao who claims to be your brother-in-law.”
“Now I’m leaving my last words, ready to send me on the road in a while.”
“Sun…Sun Jianhao?”
“Want… to send you on the road?”
Am I so cute~
On the phone, Laosan Lei peeed.
There was a thud in the brain, and the whole person was stunned.
After rubbing, he jumped up and the footbath was knocked over by Lei San.
“Youngest, what’s wrong with you?”
“What’s the matter, so panicked?”
Lei San’s wife was also taken aback at the time, and asked curiously after Lei San hung up the phone.
“Ciao, do you have the face to ask me?”
Old San Lei slapped her face directly.
“You shameless girl!”
“This time I will be miserable by you~”
“I said so long ago that your brother can’t help it.”
“If you don’t listen, let me protect your bastard brother.”
“How is it now?”
“Poke the sky through!”
“Wait for him.”
“This time, it’s useless to ask anyone~”
“Why did Lao Tzu go blind in the first place, and marry you, the wife of Demon Fudi?”
Lao San Lei shouted angrily and wailed.
Then he kicked the footbath, called the driver to dispatch the car immediately, and ran out barefoot.
This old Lei San was obviously in a hurry and forgot to wear his shoes.
After Lei Aoting noticed, he hurried to catch up to deliver the shoes.
“Dad, you have to wear shoes no matter how urgent it is~”

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