A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1345

Lei San’s respectful voice still echoed in the restaurant.
But everyone here is completely confused.
Lu Hong’s eyes widened at the time.
Qiuhuan felt it incredible.
As for Zeng Haitao, who was lying on the ground, his eyes almost jumped out.
“This… is this really Sanye Lei?”
Zeng Haitao and others said silently.
Even they were so shocked, let alone Sun Jianhao who was drawn aside.
Seeing the scene in front of him, Sun Jianhao was immediately stunned.
The brain is blank.
In his heart, he breathed coldly, and his whole body was shaking.
He looked at Lei San and then at Ye Fan, howling in his heart.
Could it be that Sun Jianhao, he really provokes him, and he can’t be an extraordinary character?
Lei San naturally ignored the reactions of everyone.
At this time, Lei San, with full of fear and apology, apologized to Ye Fan again and again.
“Mr. Chu, when you first arrived, such things happened. My third wife Lei is very guilty and panicked.”
“However, don’t worry, Mr. Chu, I, Lei San, will give you a satisfactory account of today’s affairs.”
“Really?” Ye Fan sneered, “San Ye Lei, I really want to know, how do you plan to explain?”
Ye Fan’s icy tone made old Lei San’s forehead a cold sweat.
However, even so, Lei Laosan still smiled and said to Ye Fan: “Mr. Chu, I will tell you.”
“This Sun Jianhao has done all bad things and lost his conscience.”
“His crimes are in the East China Sea, and the evil is inexhaustible.”
“The bamboo of Nanshan Mountain is full of crimes!”
“Long before you came to Jingzhou, I was going to do him. I won’t get rid of this kind of scum, I’m sorry, Jingzhou people.
“Unexpectedly, I was still a step late, and finally gave him a chance to offend you, Mr. Chu.”
“However, this is his last time.”
“When I came, I had already notified Wu Zhiming, the director of the Municipal Bureau. The Bureau of Wu already had all the evidence of Sun Jianhao’s crimes, and today he was arrested.”
“This time, I have to let Wu Ju, punishing him a capital crime, and then I will go back and shoot him directly.”
Lei San said viciously.
When Sun Jianhao next to him listened, his old face went pale.
Until now, he finally understood why so many police officers suddenly broke in.
It turned out that it was all for him.
At that time, Sun Jianhao was so frightened that he shed tears. He ran to hold Lei San’s arm and cried with tears and nose: “Brother-in-law, you can’t shoot me~”
“No way.”
“I am your brother-in-law, my sister’s own brother.”
“My sister is just my younger brother~”
“Brother-in-law, you have to save me, you can’t kill me~”
After seeing so many policemen, Sun Jianhao already knew.
This time, his brother-in-law is really playing!
Especially when he heard that Lei Lao San was about to be shot him, Sun Jianhao was completely panicked and couldn’t help crying.
“I’ll go to Nima!”
“Who is your brother-in-law?”
“My wife is an only child, where’s the younger brother?”
“You are my fart brother-in-law!”
“Don’t go away?”
“Things that do not live or die, I provoke Mr. Chu today, no one can save you!”
In order to separate the relationship with Sun Jianhao, Lei Laosan pretended not to know him directly.
One kick kicked Sun Jianhao to the ground.
At this time, Wu Zhiming also walked in from outside, waved his hand, and then had Sun Jianhao tortured away.
“Brother-in-law, save me, save me~”
“I can’t die~”
“My sister is just my brother.”
“Brother-in-law, you have to save me~”

In the distance, Sun Jianhao’s sad and wailing voice came.
Old Lei’s face twitched, and he wanted to kick Sun Jianhao to death. This beast really thought he was not miserable enough.

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