A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1391

However, these words of Ye Jian fell into Ye Fan’s ears, but they only found it funny.
Now they are talking about relatives. When they disrespect him before, did they ever think that they were their cousin?
For Ye Jian’s words, Ye Fan naturally ignored the words, and just fart as a dog.
“Miss Ye, I’m so sorry.”
“My Lei’s Dragon View Hotel does not have the seats of your siblings.”
“So now, do you go by yourself, or let us invite you out?”
Lei Aoting salutes first and then fights, and didn’t say harsh words as soon as he came up.
After all, they are Mr. Chu’s relatives. Even if they have a bad relationship with Ye Fan, Lei Aoting dare not offend him too hard.
After all, no one knows whether they will reconcile one day in the future.
Blood ties are things like that, but they have been given up throughout their lives.
Facing Lei Aoting’s words with a knife hidden in his smile, Ye Jian naturally didn’t dare to make a mistake. Instead, he looked at Ye Yuyan, his old face flushed, and asked in a low voice: “Sister Yuyan, what should we do, shall we go?”
Being kicked out of the hotel in public is not a glorious thing after all.
Ye Jian naturally felt embarrassed too, waiting for Ye Yuyan to make up his mind.
Ye Yuyan’s face was blue and ugly.
Facing the prestige of the Lei family, Ye Yuyan naturally didn’t say anything.
In fact, she has nothing to say!
After all, even Qin Yu fell to Ye Fan’s side, and Ye Yuyan had no face to stay here anymore.
However, before leaving, Ye Yuyan, who was extremely angry, turned her head and stared at Qin Yu beside her, hating iron and steel and said: “Brother Qin Yu, Ye Yuyan, I really saw you wrong!”
“Brother, let’s go.”
After speaking, Ye Yuyan called Ye Jian and turned away.
Originally came to Qin Yu’s wedding banquet in enthusiasm, but in the end the two of their siblings did not even get the food, so they were swept out.
When she walked out of the Dragon View Hotel, Ye Yuyan’s pretty faces burned fiercely.
Obviously feel ashamed.
After Ye Yuyan’s sister and brother were kicked out, Ye Fan continued: “Master Qin, don’t be stunned.”
“You witness, come on stage to preside over the wedding.”
“A good day, you can’t miss it!”
Ye Fan spoke, and even if a thousand people were unwilling in Qin Yu’s heart, he was helpless.
Even the prince of the Lei family was so respectful to Ye Fan in front of him, and Qin Yu naturally didn’t dare to provoke him.
However, Qin Yu couldn’t figure it out. What kind of shit luck did Shen Yuxiang take to make friends such as Ye Fan.
In the end, with a bitter and heavy heart, Qin Yu, who was originally the groom’s official, became a witness for Shen Yuxiang and Du Wenya.
Personally married his fiancee Du Wenya to Shen Yuxiang.
As for Du Wenya’s father, he naturally opposed it at first.
However, Lei Aoting acted as a matchmaker, and Qin Yu was even more abnormal. No matter how stupid Du Wenya’s father was, he could see the suspicion. He thought that Shen Yuxiang’s friend must be a big man, so he didn’t dare to stop him. .
In the end, Qin Yu’s plan was to make a wedding dress for Shen Yuxiang and return home with a beautiful woman as he wished, not to mention how happy Shen Yuxiang was at this time.
“Come on, Wenya, kowtow to Brother Fan!”
After the wedding, Shen Yuxiang took Du Wenya, saw Ye Fan, fell on his knees.
Before that, Shen Yuxiang was almost desperate.
Unexpectedly, Ye Fan’s arrival made this matter turn around.

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