A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 15

The thing that Shen family provoke Ye Fan made Li Lao Er extremely angry.
But after Li’s second child calmed down, he was also thinking about ways to intercede with the Shen family.
After all, Li Er has been in Yunzhou for many years, and the Shen family is indeed an important man to Li Er. Most of Li’s capital source depends on the Shen family. So Li Er didn’t want to give up the Shen family unless he had to.
In the end, facing Shen Jiuyi’s bitter pleading, Li Er, who calmed down, sighed: “Fine Think of a way to help you intercede with Master Xiaofan. As for your father and son, don’t think about taking a break tonight. Go ahead and kowtow to Mr. Xiao Chu to make amends.”
“Xie Erye, Xie Erye.” Shen Jiuyi grabbed the last straw like a man falling into the water. After thanking Li Er, he took Shen Fei and left the Li Family Manor.
Yunzhou People’s Hospital.
“Mucheng, how is it, do you feel better?”
In the ward, Ye Fan saw Qiu Mucheng wake up, but he handed the peeled apple to Qiu Mucheng.
At this time, Qiu Mucheng had returned to the coldness of the past. If Ye Fan had been so diligent in the past, Qiu Mucheng would have dismissed it. But I don’t know when it will start. Qiu Mucheng realized that her attitude towards Ye Fan had begun to undergo a subtle change. The ghost took Ye Fan’s apple and said thank you. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Could it be that I really like this man?”
As soon as this thought appeared, it was quickly suppressed by Qiu Mucheng. Pride is like an orange, and I will never allow myself to fall in love with a mediocre person. This is the pride of this woman.
Ye Fan shook his head and smiled: “Between husband and wife, why bother to be so polite.”
Qiu Mucheng didn’t speak, just lowered her head and gently ate the apple, her delicate and pretty face was still blushing inexplicably.
“By the way, how is my grandpa? And Qiu Family, how is it now?” Qiu Mucheng remembered something, and then asked Ye Fan worriedly.
Ye Fan’s expression sank slightly, he looked at Qiu Mucheng, “Mucheng, don’t you hate the Qiu Family? They treat you this way, but you still care about them so much.”
Qiu Mucheng shook her head, but gave a wry smile: “Blood is thicker than water. No matter how harsh they are, it is my uncle, my elder, who has nurtured and taught me. And the Qiu family, after all It is my roots, blood relatives, and clan affection. Does it mean that you can give up by giving up? What’s more, this time, I really blamed me, it was I who caused the Qiu family.
This kind girl, until now, the first thing she thought of was her own mistake. The words are full of self-blame.
Ye Fan sighed, “What a silly girl.”
“Fine, let them go this time. The Qiu family should really be lucky to have a niece like you. Father Qiu should be even more lucky to have a granddaughter like you.”
Ye Fan’s words made Qiu Mucheng a little confused.
“What let them go? Ye Fan, are you hiding something from me?”
Ye Fan shook his head and smiled: “It’s nothing. By the way, Grandpa is hospitalized in this hospital. I’ll take you over to see him.”
“it is good.”
Qiu Mucheng nodded and agreed, then followed Ye Fan out of the room.
“Wen Fei, is there any news from your father?”
“Can you help me?”
In the room, Qiu Muying was anxiously spinning around, and kept asking Chu Wenfei.
After all, her father has been arrested now, and there is no news for a day and night, so she is not anxious.
“Yingying, don’t urge the text to fly. This matter is not anxious. We can only do our best to obey the fate.” The old man Qiu was lying on the hospital bed, speechless, and the disaster of the Qiu family made this old man old in an instant. It’s just a few dozen years old.
But when the Qiu family was frowning, the door of the ward was pushed open, and Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng walked in.
“Damn, you still have a face?”
“My Qiu family has become like this, it is not thanks to you!”
“My father was arrested and his whereabouts are still unknown. Grandpa was almost killed by you. Don’t you feel guilty?”
Seeing the two Ye Fan, Qiu Muying’s eyes turned red in an instant, and she roared angrily.
Naturally, Qiu Muhong and Jiang Yang were also unhappy: “You go, you are not welcome here.”
“One wimpy husband, one waste, nothing.”
“The other is to pretend to be weak and pitiful here. You two are really a perfect match!”
“I feel sick when I see you, why don’t you get out?!” Wang Qiaoyu was also out of anger when he saw these two people.
Not to mention the other Qiu family members, they all scolded Ye Fan and both of them angrily.
After all, in the eyes of the entire Qiu family, the disaster of the Qiu family is all thanks to these two people.
Qiu Mucheng’s expression became paler when she heard the unpleasant words of her uncles. She didn’t refute anything, but said in a low voice, “I will take a look at Grandpa, take a look, and I will leave. I will never bother the uncles and uncles again. ”
“Huh, look at me? I’m afraid I can’t bear this old bone!” Old man Qiu also snorted, then turned his head away, he didn’t even want to look at the couple.
“Have you heard, Grandpa doesn’t want to see you anymore, don’t you hurry up?” Qiu Muying roared.
“Go away!” Wang Qiaoyu also growled low.
“Go away~”
In the whole room, almost all the Qiu family members roared together, and the sound of anger and disgust resounded throughout the room.
Qiu Mucheng stopped talking, her pretty face drooped, her heart filled with endless sorrow.
Facing what Qianfu pointed out, at this moment, Ye Fan and the two were just like abandoned children in the world.
Qiu Mucheng’s eyes were already red, tears dripped down, and they fell to the ground, but they fell to pieces.
Ye Fan just held her hand, and he obviously felt Qiu Mucheng’s body trembling.
“Mucheng, let’s go.”
Ye Fan whispered softly.
However, just when Ye Fan and the two were about to leave, outside the ward, two people pushed open the door and hurried in.
“Something that doesn’t have eyesight, dare to break in, haven’t you seen my dad resting?” Wang Qiaoyu was already angry. At this time, when someone broke in, he yelled at him.
However, the old man Qiu’s face changed immediately when he saw the person coming. He immediately got out of bed and slapped Wang Qiaoyu’s face with a slap, as if he instigated his wicked daughter-in-law to the ground.
“Dad, what are you doing?” Wang Qiaoyu’s eyes were red at the time and said aggrieved.
“Asshole thing, you dare to scold anyone, you want to kill our Qiu family!”
The old man Qiu scolded angrily, and then hurriedly stepped forward, greeted Shen Jiuyi and his son in a hurry.
“President Shen is coming, my old man has missed a long way to welcome him, please forgive me!”
“President Shen?”
“Could it be that he is the head of the Shen Group, Shen Jiuyi!”
The entire Qiu family was almost shocked when he heard what Mr. Qiu said.
One by one, as if they were a slave seeing their master, they quickly lowered their eyebrows and went forward to greet them. One by one bent over and greeted President Shen in unison, almost humbled into the dust.
However, facing the respectful greetings from Mr. Qiu and others, Shen Jiuyi didn’t even look at it. He pushed Mr. Qiu aside and walked straight to Ye Fan.
Then, in the shocked and violent eyes of all the Qiu family members including Old Man Qiu, Wang Qiaoyu, Qiu Muying, Shen Jiuyi and his son, Shen Fei, knelt directly at the feet of Ye Fan with a bang. Five-body casts on the ground, bows to the knees, and pleads sadly: “It’s the child without eyes that offended Mr. Chu. Please punish Mr. Chu!”
Behind him, Shen Fei also knelt down and said again sadly: “Please Mr. Chu, punish!”
The voice was loud and trembling throughout the room.

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