A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 16

At this time, everyone was stunned. Everyone in the Qiu family was stunned. The air, deathly silence!
Only the cold wind howled, ravaging the whole world.
In the room, the voices of Shen Jiuyi and his son begging for mercy echoed for a long time.
Qiu Mucheng was also instantly stunned, looking at the scene in disbelief.
He couldn’t believe that Yunzhou City’s billionaires, one of the largest family in Yunzhou, and the head of the Yunzhou Shen family who backed by Li Erye, Shen Jiuyi, would kneel down to beg Ye Fan for mercy and plead guilty.
When thinking about the previous events again, at this moment Qiu Mucheng couldn’t help but start to wonder, could it be that Ye Fan, really has any secrets not known?
As for Wang Qiaoyu, Qiu Muying and other members of the Qiu family, it was as if they had been slapped on their faces, each with their mouths open like a goose.
This Nima?
what’s going on? Remember to read in one second
Isn’t Ye Fan a waste of money?
Isn’t he a son-in-law?
Do you have no money and no right to waste one?
Seeing Shen Jiuyi and his son pushing away Old Man Qiu and bowing to Ye Fan, many people already felt that their heads were not enough.
At this time, Old Man Qiu was still squatting on the ground like a dog. The hand that Shen Jiuyi pushed him just now hasn’t been able to stand up yet, but the shock in his heart at this time was much worse than the pain in his butt.
In stark contrast to the tremors of the Qiu family, Ye Fan’s expression at this time was still calm.
He was expressionless, looking condescendingly at the Shen family father and son who were kneeling at his feet, but coldly said: “Now I know I’m afraid? When I insulted Mucheng just now, do you know that there will be today?”
Ye Fan yelled coldly, but he was so scared that the Shen family and his son trembled and beat all over. After learning about Ye Fan’s identity, they now didn’t even have the courage to look at Ye Fan.
Especially Shen Fei, when he was in the Li Family Manor, he was already gone.
He had never thought of killing him before, that the laughing stock in the eyes of everyone, everyone looked down on the insignificant waste, it turned out to be a real dragon.
“What are you still doing?”
“Don’t get out and apologize!”
Ye Fan yelled again, and Shen Jiuyi and his son hurriedly got up and ran towards Qiu Mucheng’s letting down, before kneeling down to apologize.
But at this time, Wang Qiaoyu ran over and said to the father and son of the Shen family: “Mr. Shen, don’t listen to this bully fox.”
“He’s just a waste, a door-to-door son-in-law, no money and no power, an idiot, where is Mr. Chu? You have admitted the wrong person.”
“Where is the real Mr. Chu?”
At the Talking House, Wang Qiaoyu hurriedly greeted his son-in-law and daughter to come over to get to know Shen Jiuyi.
If their family can get acquainted with a big man like sinking 900 million, then their fourth family will have no one in the Qiu family’s status, and even the old man Qiu will have to treat their family.
“I can go to Nima!”
However, as soon as Wang Qiaoyu finished saying this, Shen Jiuyi slapped it up, and Shen Fei jumped over and kicked Wang Qiaoyu’s belly.
“Where is the shaman, Mr. Chu, you dare to insult?”
“Who gave you the courage!”
Both the father and son of the Shen family peeed in fright. They cursed Wang Qiaoyu with a dark face, then hurriedly ran to Qiu Mucheng and knelt down again, apologizing and apologizing.
Wang Qiaoyu groaned on the ground, Qiu Muying hurried over to help.
As for the others, until now, they are all confused and dumbfounded, and don’t know what the situation is. Even if Wang Qiaoyu was beaten, the Qiu family did not dare to let go, for fear that they would provoke the Shen family again.

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