A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 152

“In that case, have you ever thought about the consequences?”
“If something goes wrong with you, you know me…” Qiu Mucheng said halfway through her words, and then she had a meal and continued, “Do you know how worried your mother is?”
“You are irresponsible, not only irresponsible to your own life, but also to your mother and those who care about you!”
Because of her anger, Qiu Mucheng’s eyebrows turned red.
Every time she thinks of tonight’s events, Qiu Mucheng has an unnamed fear and anger in her heart.
Especially when Ye Fan stood up and asked Sheng Tian to stop, Qiu Mucheng was terrified.
She really thought Ye Fan was going to die.
Sun Yuhao came out because of his background and relationship. No matter how bad he was, Shengtian would never dare to cruel Sun Yuhao. But Ye Fan is different. He has no father, and his mother is just a countrywoman. He has no family background, no background, and a poor background. This kind of person has no power or influence. Shengtian has no scruples at all. Even if he kills him, it is possible.
This is why, Qiu Mucheng is so angry?
Fortunately, Ye Fan survived this time, but what about next time?
“Ye Fan, I order you, next time, in this case, you are not allowed to stand out!” Qiu Mucheng said this loudly, beyond doubt. First URL m.
Ye Fan put down his teacup and looked up at the stunningly charming woman in front of him. His face also became serious again, expressionless.
“Listen well, next time, in this situation, I’ll be out there.”
“You are my Ye Fan’s wife, as I said, no one can make you humiliated.”
“If I back down, that would be truly irresponsible.”
“A woman who protects herself is the unshirkable responsibility and responsibility of any man in his life!”
Ye Fan’s words were low, and he looked at Qiu Mucheng with an inexplicable light in his eyes.
That’s firmness, but also responsibility!
When saying these words, Ye Fan suddenly thought of the man.
He should have guarded himself and his mother. However, when he and his mother needed protection most, he flinched.
He will never forget his mother’s bleak profile and desperate eyes.
He hated his father just as he hated that cold family.
At that time, Ye Fan secretly vowed that if one day he also had his own woman and his own wife, he would never let her suffer so much harm like that cowardly man.
Sometimes, you can withdraw.
But sometimes, you can’t return!
Seeing Ye Fan’s firmness, Mucheng was stunned.
No one knows what emotion Qiu Mucheng is in her heart at this time?
Just like in a restaurant, seeing Ye Fan standing in front of him in a moment of crisis, at that moment Qiu Mucheng was not only worried, but more touched.
Which woman, do not want to meet a man who can stand up in times of crisis desperately and shield herself from all wind and rain.
The feeling of being guarded in my heart is enough to sink and move every woman.
Qiu Mucheng at this time was naturally no exception. A pair of beautiful eyes are already red unconsciously, and there seems to be a sparkling flow in the eyebrows.
The two did not speak any more, only the breeze of the night gently brushed the beautiful face of the woman in front of them.
After a long silence, Qiu Mucheng turned around and walked towards her room. At the same time, Qiu Mucheng’s subtle and pleasant voice quietly sounded: “Come on, too, go to my room.”
When Ye Fan heard this, he was immediately surprised.
At night, or at her uncle’s house, Qiu Mucheng let herself go to her room regardless of the influence?
What is this going to do?
Could it be that Qiu Mucheng was really moved by herself?
I didn’t want to pay for it, so I promised myself tonight?
That said, the virgin body that he has guarded for more than 20 years is finally gone tonight?

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