A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 156

Ye Fan held his head in both hands, leaning on the car seat, and said lightly: “It’s not offensive. It’s just that they let me leave you, and I don’t agree alive.”
Qiu Mucheng: “Then you have a thick skin.”
Ye Fan: “Thank you for the compliment.”
Qiu Mucheng: “…”
Listening to Ye Fan’s brazen words, Qiu Mucheng barely got angry.
Then she turned her head angrily, ignored Ye Fan, and looked out the car window.
Looking at it, Qiu Mucheng’s mouth turned up unconsciously, and a smile appeared.
She didn’t know why, she didn’t feel anger and shame when she was slapped by Ye Fan, but there was an inexplicable happiness and sweetness.
Thinking of this, Qiu Mucheng trembled inexplicably.
Do you really like him already?
Looking at the man’s profile reflected on the car window, Qiu Mucheng was confused. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
In the end, she shook her head fiercely.
“Impossible, no, I wouldn’t like this shameless stinky man.” Qiu Mucheng stubbornly roared in her heart, but God knows how unassuming what she said.
In fact, to put it plainly, Qiu Mucheng just didn’t want to admit it.
Back then, she fantasized countless times that in the future, Qiu Mucheng’s love would be a talented young man, or a gentle and handsome boy. Talented, accomplished, talented, suave, and born into a scholarly family, he is an outstanding talent in a certain field.
And Ye Fan, and the person she fantasized about when she was young, is too far apart.
Therefore, Qiu Mucheng certainly didn’t want to admit that she would one day be completely conquered by the kind of man she looked down on back then!
But many things, it’s not that you don’t want to admit, it will not happen.
The wheels speed.
In the land of rivers and seas, blue taxis cut through the sky and headed towards a small town below the rivers and seas.
At the same time, Shengtian Restaurant.
The Jiangdong bigwigs who had been waiting all night finally waited for the call they had been waiting for.
It was from Chen Ao, and Lei Laosan answered.
“San Ye, how is it?”
“Has Mr. Chu’s whereabouts been found?”
In the room, everyone was panicked and asked Lei San anxiously.
After all, the people present had offended Mr. Chu yesterday. They are naturally anxious now, and they want to go to the door and apologize quickly so that they can be forgiven by Mr. Chu.
The bald Lei San slapped the table, snapped, and got up immediately: “Brothers, go!”
“Go to Dongyang Town, worship Mr. Chu, and take Jing to plead.”
“In addition, they are all special gifts. Pick the most expensive and the best.”
“Whether Mr. Chu can forgive us, whether Jiangdong can survive this disaster, it all depends on today!”
In a moment, all the people at the table got up and walked downstairs.
Half an hour later, the number of luxury cars, like sharp swords, cut through the sky, and galloped towards the east of Jianghai City.
From a distance, those dozens of luxury cars are magnificent, just like Baichuanhuihai!
“I’m going~”
“This is so special, what happened today?”
“So many luxury cars.”
“Could it be, who is it to celebrate the birthday of a big man?”
On the outskirts of Jianghai City, pedestrians who come and go look at the rare luxury cars on weekdays, but now they don’t need money. They are whizzing by, and they almost all drive in the same direction. They are envious. It is shocking.

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