A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 157

The Han family was originally a small family in Dongyang Town. Later, the old lady Han was promoted by herself and became a county-level cadre under Jianghai City. With the connections and resources in her hand, she prospered the entire Han family.
Nowadays, with the three children of Mrs. Han, except for the second child, Han Ling’s family, all the others are in a mess.
However, when people are old, they are particularly fond of home.
Even though Han Hai had bought a house for the old lady in the city, the old lady Han had always lived in the old house of the Han family.
Dongyang Town.
It was still early, but several cars had already gathered at the entrance of the Han family’s old house.
However, most of the people who arrived at this point were close neighbors, or the children of Mrs. Han.
When Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng arrived, the two children of the old lady Han had already arrived.
The elder Han Hai chatted with the old lady, and Han He chatted with his grandmother. On the right hand side of the old lady Han, there was a middle-aged woman dressed in coquettish dress and heavy makeup, playing with her mobile phone.
This woman is naturally Qiu Mucheng’s aunt, Han Yue.
“Mom, what time is it, why doesn’t my sister come to celebrate your old man’s birthday? I have not seen you this year, I blame my sister, and I don’t know if my sister is doing well now, and can’t eat enough. , Don’t wear it warmly.” Han Yue sneered, slightly sarcastically. Remember to read in one second
The old lady Han glared at her little daughter with an angry look: “Do you miss your sister? I think you want to show off, show off that your family is better than hers.”
Old lady Han couldn’t understand her little daughter better.
However, as they were talking, Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng had already walked in.
As soon as she entered the door, Qiu Mucheng called her grandma.
“Oh, if you say Cao Cao, Cao Cao is here.”
“What about your mother, why is it just yourself? Your mother won’t be ashamed, so dare not come?” Han Yue naturally recognized Qiu Mucheng at a glance and smiled coldly.
Over the years, the birthday banquet of the old lady Han has been a custom.
That is her three children, each of which sits on a table separately, and whoever’s guests come will sit on the other’s table, so that communication is easy.
Therefore, Han Yue still remembers that at the old lady’s birthday banquet last year, the table where Han Hai’s house and his own house were was filled with guests, and they all flattered them to celebrate the old lady’s birthday. Only the table of Han Ling and his family was deserted, and no one came except for their family of three.
I thought she could see her second sister’s jokes this year, but Han Yue did not expect that her second sister Han Li was actually afraid of being ashamed.
Qiu Mucheng didn’t speak, but just stood there with Ye Fan, and the old lady Han didn’t say anything to ask them to sit down, so Qiu Mucheng naturally didn’t dare to sit.
“Huh, brought a follower here?”
“Mucheng, that’s okay. It seems that I have made a fortune this year, and I always bring a follower who helps me when I go out.” At this time, Han Yue noticed Ye Fan behind Qiu Mucheng and suddenly wondered.
Qiu Mucheng was slightly embarrassed, and then replied: “Auntie, he is Ye Fan. It is your niece and son-in-law.”
Qiu Mucheng’s words made not only Han Yue but also the old lady Han slightly surprised.
“He’s the son-in-law who comes home!”
“The wimp you married.”
“I heard that in the past three years, your husband hasn’t done anything. You’re all on your support.”
“Mucheng, are you taking the wrong medicine?”
“On what occasion did you bring him here today?”
“What are you doing here? Shame?”
“Haha~” Han Yue was immediately happy, looking at Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng in front of him like a joke.
The neighbors and villagers who came to wish the old lady Han’s birthday, at this time also looked at Ye Fan with a little sarcasm, pointing to the discussion.

“Unexpectedly, the daughter of the second family married a son-in-law?”
“Still useless?”
“Think of the fame of Mrs. Han, who actually has such a niece and son-in-law?”
“Isn’t this shameful~”
Listening to the fine discussion, sitting high, the old lady Han, who was still smiling, suddenly became displeased. The old face also sank immediately, and said coldly: “What about your mother? Shouldn’t it come, shouldn’t it be brought.”
“Who asked you to bring him here?”
The old lady Han has always been dissatisfied with Ye Fan, the niece and son-in-law. I wanted Qiu Mucheng to divorce him a long time ago.
Qiu Mucheng’s face paled for a while: “Grandma, don’t be like this, Ye Fan is also very kind and wants to wish you a birthday.”
“Really? Then I want to see, what kind of gift this trash son-in-law has prepared to give your grandma birthday.” The old lady Han did not speak, but Han Yue said aloud.

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