A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1568

They never thought that Ye Fan was actually prepared to sever relatives with them.
After speaking, Ye Fan got up and looked up at Old Man Ye above the high hall.
Finally, in the horrified gazes of Li Er, Chen Ao and others, the master Jiang Dong Chu, who commanded the heroes, actually bent his knees and knelt in the direction of the old man Ye.
“Xiao Fan, what are you…”
Elder Ye’s expression trembled, and his whole person was suddenly shocked, and he quickly got up from his seat.
Ye Fan remained unmoved, still kneeling there.
“Grandpa, it’s not Xiaofan’s ruthlessness, but the Ye Family, who can’t tolerate us.”
“After today, I will take my mother away.”
“Please forgive my nephew for his unfilial piety. I cannot serve my grandfather in the future.”
“I hope that grandpa will take care of your body in the future.”
“May grandpa live a long life!”
Ye Fan’s deep words flowed with inexplicable emotions.
In this way, Ye Fan kowtows to the old man in front of him, kowtows twice, and kowtows three times.
Worship three times in a row, one for the love of blood, two for the grace of shelter, and three for the shelter of many years.
The world is silent, the vegetation is silent.
Only the breeze swept.
“Xiao Fan, you…”
Seeing what Ye Fan looked like, the old man Ye was already in tears before he knew it.
In the hall, Elder Ye looked from a distance, but he was tearful.
In my heart, there is helplessness, sadness, and guilt.
“Xiao Fan, it’s Grandpa I’m sorry you mother and son.”
“It’s because I didn’t protect you well, so you have suffered so many grievances over the years~”
Elder Ye sighed with tears.
He didn’t keep Ye Fan anymore, he knew that he had no face to keep him.
Ye Fan was right. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to stay in Ye’s family, but that Ye’s family couldn’t accommodate their mother and son.
For so many years, the grievances Ye Fan’s mother and son have suffered, Ye Old Master can see and feel pain in his heart.
He is also very guilty for not protecting their mother and child in these years.
Now, letting their mother and child go is also a relief for them.
After the worship, Ye Fan took Qiu Mucheng and his mother Ye Ximei, and walked away from the old house of the Ye family.
However, perhaps it was the discovery of the conscience in the heart, or the fear of Ye Fan’s prestige, Ye Ya and others actually persuaded each other at this time.
“Xiao Fan, we didn’t mean that.”
“We were all angry words before, and we didn’t really want to drive your mother and son away~”
“Xiao Fan, don’t be impulsive.”
“We are all a family. What are the conflicts between grievances and grievances? After all, there is no need to go to this point~”
“Yeah, Xiao Fan, you are the nephew of our Ye family. Your mother is also the daughter of the Ye family.”
“We didn’t take care of you well before, but we all misunderstood.”
“We are a family, let’s close the door and solve it by ourselves. There is no need to do this~”
Both Ye Ya and Ye Xilan discouraged.
However, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled as he listened.
I don’t know why, listening to these words of retention, he always feels that it is so hypocritical.
“Now that this is said, do you think it is still useful?”
“Uncle, auntie, I really want to ask you one thing, if I, Ye Fan, is not the respected Jiangdong, and I have not come to worship today, I am just an abandoned son and a son-in-law, will you still keep me?”
“You guys, do you still say these things?”
Ye Fan’s words whip into the room and hit his soul.
Ye Ya and others were ashamed and unspeakable, after all, they lowered their heads.

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