A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1569

The entrance of the small town.
Aniu’s uncle and nephew were still there.
They looked at the thousands of kilometers of traffic in the town, and looked at the sky beyond the town, but their mood was uneasy for a long time.
After all, what happened on this day is really shocking.
They only feel that the big people they have seen in their entire life, added up, are not as many as they are today.
The top leaders of Jingzhou City and the leaders from all over the city gather together.
All kinds of luxury cars, various license plates, so that the two uncles and nephews who have never seen the world were shocked and addicted.
However, since the last time the convoy entered the town, the world has calmed down.
“It looks like the guests of the Ye family are over.”
“Aniu, let’s go too.”
“Go to Ye’s old house and join in the fun.”
The old man greeted his nephew, Aniu, and was about to go back.
However, as soon as the two of them turned their heads, there was an explosion in the distance behind them.
The engine roared and the cylinder burst.
The low roar, like a wild beast, resounded through the sky.
“Difficult… is there any more?”
Uncle and nephew were shocked and turned their heads to look far away.
At the end of the line of sight, there were nearly ten cross-country vehicles, galloping.
The elegant figure is just like green lightning passing under the Tianhe.
The fierce body, the roar of violence.
Looking from a distance, like a beast rolling in.
It wasn’t until he got close that Aniu yelled out in shock.
“Black on white~”
“This…this…this license plate, is it…it’s the army…?”
In the sound of horror, the pupils of Aniu’s uncle and nephew shrank, and their eyes widened.
No one knows what happened at the entrance of the village.
Ye Family Old House.
There was no word everywhere, only the breeze swept.
Ye Ya, Ye Xilan and others, with full of ashamed, bowed their heads and said nothing.
Upon seeing this, Ye Fan didn’t ask anything.
No need to ask anymore, he already knew the answer from the beginning.
With a chuckle, Ye Fan turned and left.
However, just as Ye Fan turned around, there was a harsh laughter behind him.
“Ye Fan, I know, you must be very proud now.”
“Because of you, I was dismissed and investigated.”
“Because of you, your second uncle’s company will also go bankrupt, making it difficult to move in Jingzhou.”
“It’s also because of you, your aunt’s family lost their livelihood.”
“Ten years of forbearance, today’s big hatred will be avenged, you must be proud of it now, right?”
Ye Tian, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly laughed at this moment.
He looks crazy, and his old face is full of undue sorrows.
“Ye Tian, are you crazy?”
“Say a few words and you will die~”
“Do you have to drive our family to death?”
Dongmei saw her man up to now, and still didn’t know how to repent, she even spoke to Ye Fan in this almost provocative tone.
Suddenly, Dongmei was angry and anxious!
Suddenly full of anxiety, shouted at Ye Tian angrily.
However, Ye Tian didn’t care about Dongmei’s obstruction and pushed the woman who was in the way away, still yelling at Ye Fan unwillingly.
And Ye Fan, the pace of moving forward, suddenly stopped.

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