A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 158

She held her hands and smiled with disdain, as if watching a good show.
Ye Fan walked over at this time and said politely to the old lady Han: “I don’t know what my grandma likes, so I specifically asked my mother to send me a few kilograms of tea from the country. I grow it at home, absolutely green. No pollution, refreshing, hope grandma will accept it.”
After Ye Fan said this, there was a faint laughter around him.
Especially Han Yue smiled sarcastically, “Haha, it turns out that Mucheng’s husband is still a hillbilly.”
“The tea you grow yourself? It’s still green and pollution-free? The wild vegetables in the country are still green and pollution-free. Why don’t you come and give it to my mother.”
“It’s so ridiculous. A few dollars and a catty of tea are worth a lot of money. I am afraid that the soil on the wild ginseng I sent is not worth the money. You are embarrassed to send this kind of thing out?”
“Mom, I think, it’s because they didn’t take your birthday as a matter of time, so they just took something casually.”
“It’s just that your daughter is as stupid as I am, and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy wild ginseng to replenish your body in the Northeast.”
Han Yue sneered, showing off.
When people around heard it, they were suddenly surprised.
“I’m going, wild ginseng~” First URL m.
“That’s an unforgettable treasure.”
“The third daughter of the Han family is really interested.”
“Really filial!”
“The old lady has a good daughter~”
Everyone sighed.
Han Yue was even more proud, looking at the two Ye Fan below with pride.
At this time, Qiu Mucheng couldn’t listen anymore, and she said to Ye Fan aloud: “Auntie, Ye Fan is the first time after all. It’s a guest. It’s fine if you say that I am a guest, but if you say that as a guest, it is not Ok.”
“Guest?” Han Yue smiled immediately, “A wimpy son-in-law, what qualifications does he have to be a guest of my Han family. And you, your husband and wife come to celebrate birthdays to the old lady in good name, but you bring these cheap prices. I think it’s a fake birthday celebration, but it’s true that you come over to eat and drink.”
“You~” Qiu Mucheng flushed with anger, she only felt that her aunt was too much, and she didn’t even leave them any self-esteem.
However, at this moment, Ye Fan gave a chuckle, stepped forward, stopped in front of Qiu Mucheng, pointed forward and said, “Auntie, isn’t that the wild ginseng you mentioned?”
“Yeah, it’s rare, you know ginseng. I thought you hadn’t seen it before? Just look at it, don’t think about touching it. If you touch something with hundreds of thousands, you can’t afford it.” Han Yueman The disdain of the face.
Ye Fan didn’t move. Instead, he shook his head and smiled: “Auntie, as far as I know, wild ginseng generally has the same length as the main root and rhizome. Usually, the length of such ginseng is about 3 cm to 10 cm, and the shape is more similar. A herringbone is cylindrical or diamond-shaped.”
“More importantly, the color of the surface of such ginseng is grayish-yellow, and there are also longitudinal stripes. The roots are very slender, clear and not messy. Most of the roots below are two, and they are on the roots. You can also see very obvious wart-like protrusions with dense stem marks on the thin and long rhizomes.”
“On the other hand, your wild ginseng is probably 15 centimeters in length, and the roots are messy, short and ugly. At first glance, they are cultivated ginseng.
“Of course it’s not important. People also raise ginseng. But the key point is that your ginseng is not only messy with its roots, but also dark black in color, which makes it slightly smelly when you get closer.”
“If I expected it to be good, this ginseng should have been given to my aunt by someone else, and then the aunt had deteriorated in the house. Then I remembered to honor my grandma.”
Ye Fan said lightly, smiling.
But Han Yue was already dumbfounded, her face was full of amazement, and there was a storm in her heart.
He… how did he know?
Ye Fan was obviously not prepared to let Han Yue’s meaning go, but he still said in a low voice.
“Although my tea is not precious, but I and Mucheng share a filial piety. And you, using shoddy ginseng as a treasure, perfunctory grandma with spoiled ginseng, I don’t know what is your intention?”
“Could it be my aunt, I want to make grandma’s birthday today a funeral?!!!”
Only if the stone falls.
Ye Fan Senran’s words were loud and loud, just like thunder, echoing in the entire hall.
In a moment, the whole house was silent, and the entire Han family house was silent.
As for Han Yue herself, her face was even more pale, as if a slap was slapped on her face by Ye Fan, the whole person was almost frightened!

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