A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 160

At this time, Han Hai’s expression was so pale, he slapped the table suddenly, and shouted angrily at Han Yue: “Say, what’s the matter?”
“Big Brother, I~I~~”
Seeing that the paper could not contain the fire, Han Yue almost burst into tears.
The facts were exactly the same as Ye Fan had expected. This ginseng was given to her by her son-in-law Moxuan. At that time, two were given, one artificially planted ginseng and one wild ginseng.
She ate the wild ginseng herself, but she forgot about it.
I just found out a few days ago, thinking of using wild ginseng as a birthday gift for her mother. Anyway, it’s almost the same, no one can tell, and it can save face.
But Han Yue was killed without expecting that everyone did not notice that it was actually recognized by a poor boy.
“But brother, I really don’t mean to hurt mom.”
“Mom, you have to believe me, you have to believe me, I don’t know it has deteriorated~”
Han Yue almost cried, and she looked terrified indeed.
After all, Ye Fan buttoned her too much hat and wanted to murder his mother, so she had to sit down. She was afraid that Han Yue would not be able to mess with her own mother. Remember to read in one second
“Asshole thing, you…” Han Hai was furious and was about to scold Han Yue for being unfilial, but the old lady Han waved her hand to stop Han Hai.
“Xiaohai, what are you in a hurry?”
“I lose my temper before I figure it out.”
“You don’t listen to your sister’s words, but do you listen to the words of an incompetent son-in-law?”
“Mom, what are you?” Han Hai was a little confused, wondering what the old lady meant.
“This ginseng was bought by Yue’er with me a few days ago, and I picked it, or Yue’er took the money. Whether it is wild ginseng or not is still uncertain, but even if it is, it is my old bones and profiteers. I was deceived, and it has nothing to do with Yue’er. Instead, it wasted several hundred thousand yuan of Yue’er.”
“It’s that you, a come-to-home son-in-law, don’t talk nonsense here, you don’t even respect your elders, and you label Yue’er indiscriminately and confuse you.”
“My Han family, how can I tolerate you?”
The old lady Han turned her head, but she directed the spear to Ye Fan.
As soon as Han Yue heard this, she was stunned, and then the original panic on Qiao’s face immediately disappeared, but a smirk and pride resurfaced.
“Yes, this wild ginseng was personally selected by my mother, Ye Fan, you said it was ginseng, and you said it had deteriorated. That means my mother doesn’t know the goods?”
“You are so brave!”
“You are a stubborn son-in-law, and you dare to offend me and my mother.”
“How can our Han family tolerate you with such disrespectful things?”
“Don’t get out yet!”
“The Han family does not have a nephew like you.”
Han Yue shouted angrily.
Han Hai was also furious, saying that Ye Fan was not a thing and did not understand etiquette.
Han Feifei also sneered: “Sister Qiu, if you don’t divorce this kind of person, why do you keep it?”
“I knew it was in trouble.”
This sudden flip caught the guests by surprise.
But then, he also changed his attitude and began to target Ye Fan.
“Right, the youngest daughter of the Han family is notoriously filial, how could she do such a rebellious thing?”
“It’s the son-in-law, a poor man in the country. Has he seen wild ginseng?”
“It was just plain nonsense!”
For a time, everyone accused Ye Fan.
Ye Fan froze for a long time, but finally laughed at himself.
The mistake is to make people think too simple.
The human heart is sinister, and the world is so cold. Now, he should have thought of the result.

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