A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 168

Ye Fan’s reaction undoubtedly made Han Hai particularly unhappy.
“Huh, the mud can’t help the wall!”
“Mucheng, until now, are you still unwilling to divorce this trash?”
“Today’s birthday banquet, if your man is as promising as your cousin, how can your family be so deserted, there is no guest to celebrate the birthday?”
“Your family will not be so unbearable. You can’t hold your head up in the Han family.”
Han Hai said coldly, sullenly.
Qiu Mucheng didn’t speak, just lowered her head, her pretty face was pale, and she said nothing.
“You Nizi, think about it yourself!”
“Should I choose to continue to follow this humiliation, or find another home?”
Han Hai didn’t stay here any longer, snorted coldly, and left immediately.
At this time, a Land Rover Range Rover stopped slowly at the entrance of the Han’s old house. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Land Rover, millions of luxury cars!”
“Quickly, Han Hai, your family is here.”
The previous guests in this Dongyang town, although it is considered extraordinary, but most of them drove hundreds of thousands of cars, the best is only about 300,000 Audi A4, but now suddenly there is a million luxury cars, this To force the grid is tantamount to going up in an instant.
The neighbors at the door shouted excitedly.
At this time, a man had gotten out of the car. He had his hair straightened, glanced at the door, and then walked towards the old house.
“Hahaha, come from afar, it’s hard work~”
Han He thought it was for him, and walked up to shake hands. Although Han He didn’t know the person in front of him, he might be a factory manager in the town.
After all, Dongyang Town is not small, and Han He has met many people, but it is impossible for everyone to know it.
“Well, are you?” Shen Fei was taken aback when he saw the person coming.
Han He was also stunned: “You don’t know me? I’m Han He, the mayor of Dongyang Town. I said you were too polite. Congratulations when you come to congratulate me. What kind of gifts should you bring us?”
Han He was chatting, but he went to Shen Fei’s subordinates to receive the birthday gift, and was going to help him carry it in.
When Shen Fei heard this, he immediately stared, looking at the person in front of him like an idiot: “Han He? Mayor?”
“I’ll get rid of Nima!”
“Does I know you?”
“Zsamma’s broken official is close to Ben Shao?”
“Do you know who Ben Shao is? Lao Tzu is Shen Fei, the young head of Shen’s Jewelry Group!”
“A broken mayor, are you worthy to ask Ben Shao to give you a gift?”
“Are you worthy?”
Shen Fei cursed directly, thinking that Han He was a little crippled man who was here to make trouble, so naturally he wouldn’t care.
Han He was blinded at the time.
But hearing Shen Fei’s words, the entire Han family’s old house was quiet.
“Shen’s jewelry?”
“Could it be that Shen’s jewelry from Yunzhou?”
“Jiangdong’s largest jewelry company?”
“Hundred Billion Group!”
“My God, it’s amazing!”
“The young leaders of the Shen Group have all arrived?”
“Who is it for, who is such a big face?”
After a brief silence, the crowd suddenly exploded.
The factory managers in Dongyang Town were even more shocked, even Han Hai and the old lady Han were not at peace.
Shen’s Jewelry, that is Jiangdong’s top ten companies. The head of this group, Shen Jiuyi, is on the rich list. Before coming to Jianghai to invest, the mayor of Jianghai personally received him.
People of this level came to celebrate their birthday, and the Han family was naturally panicked.
“Xiaohai, this Shen family prince, do you know?” Since he didn’t come to Hanhe, the old lady Han asked Han Hai on the side.
After all, Han Hai is also an executive of a state-owned enterprise. Maybe he met such a big man?
Han Hai shook his head: “Mom, although my company is a state-owned enterprise, it is not big. How can I be qualified to meet such a behemoth as the Shen Group?”

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