A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 167

“Quickly, brother, your guests are here.”
Seeing that the guests finally arrived, Han Yue urged, and Han Hai and his son stood up to greet them.
“Mr. Han, we are not late.”
The first people who came were some of Han Hai’s colleagues.
Han Hai is an executive of a state-owned enterprise in Jianghai. Now Han Hai’s mother’s birthday, these employees who worked under Han Hai naturally came to celebrate their birthday with gifts.
“It’s not late, it’s not late, please come inside.” Han Hai and his son warmly entertained them.
“Mrs. Han, we are still President Han’s friends. We came here specially today to wish your old man a birthday.”
“This is the birthday peach that I bought from abroad. I wish the old lady good health.”
“Haha, you’re welcome, you’re welcome, you can come, you don’t need to bring gifts.” The old lady Han smiled politely.
“How can it be done? The company’s President Han has taken good care of us. Now that President Han’s mother has a big birthday, how can we people who have received the favor of President Han come to join us in celebrating our birthday?”
During the greetings, several people came in with gifts outside the door, all in suits and shoes, carrying various precious gifts, and they looked like people of good standing. First URL m.
“Mayor Han, we are not late. Where is the old lady? Let’s come over to wish the old lady a birthday.”
Hearing this name, everyone knew that these people were coming for Han He.
“No, no, come in quickly, where is my grandma in the hall?”
Han He greeted everyone into the hall.
After just a while, the hall became lively.
“Mrs. Han, Wang Zhenxiang from Dongyang Town Fengxiang Food Factory, I wish you a birthday, and wish you good health!”
“Your grandson is young and promising, you can live a few more years~”
“Niu Zhengfei, director of the Shanshui Sheet Factory, wish the old lady a long life and a hundred years~”

“Shen Shanhua, Deputy Mayor of Dongyang Town, wish the old lady a happy birthday~”
“Old lady, you have a good grandson~”
“Han He is so prosperous, your Han family has a successor.”
The Han family hall is very lively.
The various factory directors in Dongyang Town and some leaders of the town government have almost all arrived today.
After entering the hall, they all rushed to shake hands when they saw Han He. At this time, Han Feifei would also come forward and call uncle kindly to brush up on her presence. Then these people, under the leadership of Han He, went to celebrate the old lady’s birthday and present gifts.
In just a few moments, the table in front of the old lady Han was already full, with a dazzling array of rare gifts.
The neighbors and villagers around looked at it, but they were very envious in their hearts.
“The grandson of the Han family is indeed promising.”
“So many people came to him to wish the old lady a birthday!”
“The next generation of the Han family has a talent.”
“It seems that this year, I am afraid that the eldest family will have the most guests.”
Everyone admired.
Listening to the praise of the people around, Han He was full of spirits. And his son is so prosperous, Han Hai is also extremely proud. The old face was full of pride and pride.
“Ye Fan, have you seen it, the guests coming to my son Han He are in an endless stream. And you, none of them!”
“This is the difference between poverty and wealth, this is the difference between the inferior and the superior. This is the difference between the waste and the real dragon, like a cloud and mud!”
At this time, Han Hai passed by Ye Fan. He stopped, condescending, and said proudly. In the words, full of spirited spirits.
His son is so prosperous, how can Han Hai, a father, not be proud?
Compared with his son Han He, Ye Fan was naturally more unbearable. At this time, Han Hai, while showing off his son, looked at Ye Fan, but he was full of disdain and sneer.
He said this to Ye Fan just to see Ye Fan’s inferiority and embarrassment. However, he was disappointed, Ye Fan was still calm, as if he hadn’t heard Han Hai’s words, lowered his head and quietly sipped tea.

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