A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 170

Got it!
Ye Fan thought about it for a moment, and now he understood.
Dare to love was the phone call last night, which caused Chen Ao to misunderstand those people.
At that time, Ye Fan only said that he was anxious to go home with his wife, and that he had to get up early to attend tomorrow’s birthday party.
It is estimated that Chen Ao and the others subconsciously thought it was Ye Fan’s wife’s birthday tomorrow.
This is interesting, and I have a big oolong.
Mrs. Han is in the limelight today, I’m afraid that her wife will snatch it.
“Why, Brother Fan, did we make a mistake? Is it really not my sister-in-law’s birthday today?” Shen Fei is not a fool either. Seeing Ye Fan’s expression and seeing the old lady Han in front of him in a red shroud, he undoubtedly realized something. .
“Yes, Master Shen, today is my grandma’s birthday banquet, not my birthday.” Qiu Mucheng dared to steal the limelight from her grandma, and quickly replied.
Shen Fei suddenly sat on the wax.
This is a big joke! First URL m.
“Brother Fan, how about I call Erye and the others and explain the situation to them?” Shen Fei asked anxiously.
Ye Fan waved his hand and smiled faintly: “No need, this is good.”
Old lady Han relied on the old to sell the old, and she humiliated him and Mucheng in this way before, but now Ye Fan would like to see this situation.
Ye Fan spoke, and Shen Fei said nothing. But Ye Fan’s grandma’s birthday banquet, he couldn’t help but express, touched his body, then pulled a ring from his finger and put it in the gift box and gave it to the old lady Han.
That necklace is very precious, and it is a gift for Brother Fan’s wife. An old woman, Shen Fei certainly wouldn’t give her such precious things.
I just pulled out a ring and sent it up.
“Old lady, happy birthday banquet.”
“You have a good grandson-in-law, you will be blessed in the future.”
Shen Fei laughed.
After listening to this, the old lady Han didn’t know how to respond, she just kept laughing in embarrassment.
But he was very puzzled. Which grandson-in-law was Shen Fei talking about? As for Wen Xuan, they probably don’t know each other. And if it was Ye Fan, then the old lady would not understand. Ye Fan, a poor boy, is still an incompetent son-in-law, how could he be blessed if he stood up?
Worse is not more than b98bb735!
After Shen Fei finished speaking, he went back to chat with Ye Fan, but in the hall, everyone looked at each other. Especially Han Hai, Han Yu and others, their old faces are almost green to pig liver.
I thought that Shen Fei was here for them. Just now, his son Han He and Mo Wenxuan licked their faces to greet them. As a result, no one knew them. Especially Mo Wenxuan, who didn’t even bother him, pushed him to the side, and instead went to send greetings to Ye Fan.
This scene undoubtedly resembled a slap, slapped the Han family’s face fiercely. The old faces of Han Hai and others were pale and ugly. Obviously, they couldn’t get off the stage.
But Han Yue was still disdainful at this time: “Isn’t there just a second generation ancestor here? This young master of the Shen family is also behaving for himself, and he is worthless to cheer. It is estimated that he has no place in the Shen family. There is nothing to envy!”
Han Yue looked at the way Qiu Mucheng was joking with Shen Fei and the others in the front yard, but she felt very uncomfortable and tried to belittle her.
“That’s right. Shen Fei is probably also in the family. He was only willing to fall and played with Ye Fan, a person from the countryside.” The old lady Han also felt that Han Yue’s words were reasonable, and nodded in agreement.
After all, she really didn’t believe that Ye Fan, a door-to-door son-in-law, would have any abilities?
“That’s, if Ye Fan really has the ability, then the person who came to join today is not a second generation ancestor, but the real head of the Shen family, Shen Jiuyi!” Han Hai snorted coldly, with the same disdain on his face. With contempt.
However, who would have thought that as soon as Han Hai’s words fell, the door of the Chu family’s old house was immediately pushed open.
A few people in a row, all dressed in bright clothes, holding gifts, and looking graceful and wealthy, all stepped in. At the same time, the respectful and respectful voices of congratulations sounded in unison.

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