A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 174

“Lei Aoting has also mixed in!”
“This is a big deal.”
“Even if the Shen family is rich and powerful, it will not be afraid of Chen Haisheng or Liu Zhaoran, but this Lei Aoting, he absolutely cannot hold it!”
“Now, Master Shen’s kicked the iron plate.”
Everyone sighed, after all, Lei Sanye of Jingzhou was too famous.
That was the powerful man in charge of Jingzhou City, a great figure alongside Yunzhou Li Erye and Haozhou Wang Jiexi.
This kind of people is not only powerful, but the family they belong to is also a long-standing wealthy family in Jiangdong. There used to be a Patriarch of the Lei Family, and he became the Zun of Jiangdong. Even if it fell, the basic board of Jingzhou was still held by the Lei Family.
Therefore, the identity of Lei Aoting alone, the prince of the Lei family, was enough to crush Shen Fei a hundred times.
Sure enough, when Lei Aoting stood up, Shen Fei’s expression also changed, and he was silent.
When Mo Wenxuan saw this, he immediately smiled: “What’s wrong, Shao Shen?”
“Is this counseling?” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Don’t persuade you, keep pretending! Wasn’t it awesome just now?”
“What kind of thing are you?”
“Do our brothers dare to pretend to be forced?”
“You go to Jingzhou to inquire about the name of my Fourth Young Master in Jingzhou. No one knows and no one knows. You, a local turtle from Yunzhou, dare to offend our four brothers?”
Mo Wenxuan looked at Shen Fei and smiled coldly.
Afterwards, Mo Wenxuan looked at Ye Fan, who had been drinking tea with his head down, and even more disdainfully said: “There is also you, a door-to-door son-in-law, and a dick. I really think that there is a young master of the Shen family to support you. To tell you the truth, which background of my three brothers is put out and does not scare this Shen Jiawan to death?”
“You two turtles are still crazy, are you going crazy?”
Seeing Shen Fei stunned, Han Yu was also very proud of fd76dbd5 at this time, and then even cursed: “Cousin, look at this good husband you found!”
“A useless, ambitious leopard, dare to offend my mother?”
“If you know, apologize to my mother immediately, otherwise, you don’t want to stand and walk out of this Han house today!”
Han Yu leaned on her husband, condescendingly scolded.
Lei Aoting, Chen Yusheng and others also sneered with their hands in their pockets, as if watching a good show.
Lei Aoting even smiled in the end: “Heh, what kind of person I am to make Young Master Shen be so upright? Turns out to be a lifeless son-in-law who is still a poor dick. By the way, Master Shen, you really mean yourself. , Even be friends with this wimp.”
“Boy, get acquainted, and quickly apologize to my younger sibling’s mother, otherwise, you really can’t get out of here standing up?”
However, facing the threat of the Fourth Young Master in Jingzhou, Ye Fan remained calm, drinking tea quietly from beginning to end. Qiu Mucheng’s face was very pale, and she said to Ye Fan anxiously, asking him to lower his head and admit his mistake.
“Ye Fan, these people are really not something we can afford.” Qiu Mucheng was panicked.
However, Ye Fan turned a deaf ear, and the whole person remained calm as usual.
“Hahaha~” The next moment, Shen Fei on the side smiled.
“Huh? What are you laughing at?” Lei Aoting and others frowned and stared at Shen Fei.
“Haha~ I laugh you have eyes and no beads, laugh that you don’t know real people.”
“Yes, Shen Fei’s background is really no better than yours, Lei Wuye’s son. With this background, few people in Jiangdong can compare.”
“However, I can’t suppress you, but it doesn’t mean that Brother Fan can’t suppress you.”
“Soon, you will know what kind of big man you are provoking today.” Shen Fei said in a deep voice.
Mo Wenxuan, Lei Aoting and others were stunned, then laughed.
“You mean him?”
“The son-in-law?”
“Poor dick?”
“Hahaha, are you funny?”
Lei Aoting smiled, Chen Yusheng smiled, Mo Wenxuan smiled.
Han Yu, Han Hai and others laughed.
The wanton laughter was just like hearing the biggest joke in the world.
However, in the midst of the ridiculous laughter of the entire courtyard, the door of the old house was pushed open again!
I saw a few middle-aged men in suits and shoes, calm actions, and extraordinary temperament. On each person’s face, there is a long-standing majesty and dignity!
After these people appeared, they saw Ye Fan, and then bowed and bowed, the voice of respectful congratulations, but the world trembled.

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