A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 173

Han Yue is not afraid of Ye Fan or Qiu Mucheng, but she is afraid of Shen Fei.
Even if Shen Fei is willing to degenerate again, he is ultimately the son of Shen Jiuyi, the president of the Shen Group, and the young master of the Hundred Billion Group. With this kind of identity background, Han Yue was of course panicked and stepped back a few steps.
“Mom, what’s the matter?”
At this time, the movement in the yard naturally attracted everyone’s attention. For a while, Han Hai, Han Yu and others walked out to see the situation.
At this time, seeing more people, Han Yue’s courage also increased. Instead of scolding Shen Fei, he shouted at Ye Fan behind Shen Fei.
“Ye Fan, you are a son-in-law, you are so powerful!”
“If I asked you to move the chair, if you didn’t move, you still want the young master of the Shen family to beat me?”
“It’s a horrible thing, it’s a rebellious thing!”
When Han Hai and the others heard it, they obviously understood the situation, and stared at Ye Fan: “You bastard, do you dare to do something to the elders? Why don’t you apologize!”
However, before Ye Fan could speak, Shen Fei smiled again. He looked at Han Hai and sneered: “What kind of thing are you, you dare to make my Brother Fan apologize, and you deserve it too?”
“You~” Han Hai was stunned by Shen Fei’s words, his old face was immediately ashen.
However, due to Shen Fei’s background, Han Hai really didn’t dare to offend him too much, so he had to say in a deep voice, “Master Shen, although you are a guest, you have to be a guest. This is the family affair of our Han family. , So I hope you don’t interfere.”
Shen Fei hugged his hands and snorted: “Brother Fan’s business is my business. Today, anyone who insults Fan’s brother will not be able to get along with my Shen family.”
When Shen Fei was in Yunzhou, he was not afraid, not to mention that with Ye Fan’s support now, he was naturally more unscrupulous.
Regardless of who was in front of him, Shen Fei didn’t give the slightest face, and was stunned!
Hearing this, Han Hai’s face suddenly paled a bit. The Shen family has a lot of work, and of course he can’t afford to offend him. He immediately said with a stern expression: “Master Shen, you can’t overpower others?”
“I’m so overwhelming, what’s the matter?” Shen Fei did not back down.
Bang bang bang~
At this moment, there was applause in the hall.
I saw Mo Wenxuan, clapped his palms, and walked out with a sneer.
“Master Shen, are you such a mighty power?”
“Do you really think that you can do whatever you want here with your back on the Shen family?”
“Do you really think that with so many people present at 568ac51a, no one can suppress you?”
Mo Wenxuan said coldly, and there was chill in his eyes.
Looking at Mo Wenxuan, Shen Fei suddenly shook his head and chuckled: “I don’t know if anyone present can crush me, but I know you can’t.”
“Jingzhou Mo Family, you might be able to break your arms with my Yunzhou Shen Family decades ago, but now, a declining family dare to speak up in front of this young man, do you deserve it?” Shen Fei hummed, eyes full of disdain. .
“Really, dare to ask Master Shen, what about me?” At this time, Chen Haisheng, the young master of Ninetowns Holdings, also stood up and said coldly to Shen Fei.
“Plus me!” Liu Zhaoran, general manager of Jingzhou Donghua Industrial, immediately took a drink and stepped out.
After the two people all stood up, in the hall, Lei Aoting, who had been drinking tea quietly, glanced at the corner of his mouth, picked up the teacup and drank it, and then drank proudly: “There is me!”
Lei Aoting’s words immediately fell silent throughout the Han family’s house.

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