A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 176

“Huh, what are you proud of?”
“What’s so great about a few bitch merchants who have never heard of?”
“It’s still no better than my husband.” Han Yu said with disdain.
Han Yue and the others also nodded in agreement: “That’s right, look at that villain’s ambition. Isn’t it just a few broken company bosses, they can’t compare with Wen Xuan’s guests.”
“Like Haisheng, and Lei Shao, any background will not scare them to death?”
Mo Wenxuan also sneered at this time.
“Well, a few turtles are sitting at the same table, so why bother.”
“Well, Wen Xuan is right, what Shunde Group, the shit companies from there, I have never heard of it. There is also the Shen Jiuyi, the ghost knows whether it is really Shen Jiuyi?”
“Maybe it is the invited actor?”
Chen Haisheng, Liu Zhaoran and others also sneered and laughed.
“Yes, it must be fake!” The first URL m.
“It’s the actor invited.”
“We haven’t seen Chen Jiuyi again. That waste is just for this, so I just brought a few people over to perform it.” Han Yue was jealous in her heart, and she never believed that Ye Fan’s uselessness could make the president of the Shen Group. Come to cheer him up.
At this time, another car sounded outside the door.
Soon, several people opened the door and walked in.

“Nanquan Liu Family Patriarch Liu Qingcheng came to celebrate her birthday and wish Mrs. Chu a happy birthday~”
“Chen Qingquan, Chairman of Jingzhou Ninetowns Holdings, came to celebrate her birthday…”
“Jingzhou Donghua Industrial Chairman Liu Biao came to celebrate her birthday, I wish Mrs. Chu a smile~”
Chen Qingquan, Chairman of Ninetowns Holdings?
“Haisheng, your father?”
Liu Biao, Chairman of Jingzhou Donghua Industry?
“Clearly your uncle?”
I rely on~
Why are they here?
After hearing the names of these people, everyone in the Han family was shocked again. The people who watched the excitement outside were even more crazy with envy, and their eyes were about to come out.
This is so special. What happened to the Han family this year? Was it the grandmother of the old lady who was promoted to mayor, or the son-in-law of the third family, Mo Wenxuan, who inherited the position of the head of the family?
This Nima, the person who came to celebrate this year’s birthday, is so big and outrageous, she dumped a few streets last year!
In the past, although the guests of Mo Wenxuan’s house were quite a lot, most of them were some of Mo Wenxuan’s friends, friends, and dudes. Although they had an extraordinary background, they had no real power at all.
But now, the ones here are not dudes like Lei Aoting Chen Haisheng, but real family members, the chairman.
“Wen Xuan, Chen Qingquan, Uncle Chen and the others, you…you invited too?” Han Yu’s words trembled and asked his husband.
Mo Wenxuan was also stunned this time, trembling all over: “I…I didn’t invite them.”
Mo Wenxuan is self-aware, and with his current status, he can also play with Chen Haisheng and other rich second generations. The big bosses like Shen Jiuyi and Chen Qingquan, who are really in power, probably won’t even pay attention to him.
How can Mo Wenxuan dare to invite them?
“Haisheng, did you let your dad come?” Mo Wenxuan looked at Chen Haisheng again.
“No…No.” Chen Haisheng was almost crying, his father wouldn’t let him play with Mo Wenxuan, he still ran away today, how dare he bring his father together.
Liu Zhaoran on the side was even more stunned when he heard that his uncle had arrived.
Neither of them had thought that their fathers had arrived at today’s birthday feast?
Who is it for?
Old lady Han?
Impossible, that’s a dead old woman half dead. If it weren’t for Mo Wenxuan’s relationship, the second generations of them would not bother to come.
Han Hai and his son?
It’s even more impossible. The two fathers and sons are less promising than the other, and Han Hai is the one who works for others. As for Han He, the bigger officials, they no longer look at him.
That is Mo Wenxuan.
But Mo Wenxuan is a fart, a dude from a declining family, and their peers have played well with each other and cheered. How can they be qualified to let their own father come to worship?

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