A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 177

Both Liu Zhaoran and Chen Haisheng wanted to break their heads, but they didn’t want to understand why they were both shocked by their father and uncle.
You know, whether it is Chen Qingquan or Liu Biao, they are the absolute number one person in the family with absolute authority, and they are not comparable to the second generation ancestors like Liu Zhaoran and Chen Haisheng who eat and drink.
It can be said that the reason why Liu Zhaoran and Chen Haisheng are so arrogant today is based on Chen Qingquan and Liu Biao.
Just when Chen Haisheng and others were bewildered, the old lady Han in the hall finally couldn’t sit still at this time. He was shaking with excitement.
“Hahaha, Dong Chen and Dong Liu have also arrived?”
“Too much worthy of my old lady!”
“Haha, Wenxuan, don’t froze, go to meet, go!”
“People are here for you.”
“Don’t, wait for a while, I will go too.”
“Dong Chen and Dong Liu are so appreciative, and my old lady can’t be less polite.”
The old lady Han was crazy at this time, thinking that she was in the limelight this time. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Chen Qingquan is the head of the Chen family in Jingzhou, ad2dfa2d and Liu Biao is the head of Donghua Industry.
The heads of the two families came to Dongyang Town to celebrate her birthday, the old lady who has passed away. The old lady Han was naturally panicked and surprised.
Almost flattered.
“Wen Xuan, okay, okay, you are so promising.”
“Let Chen Dong personally join in, my Han family has your grandson-in-law, it is the ancestor’s grave that smokes~”
“It’s like that useless, incompetent and incompetent, and it caused me trouble.” The old lady Han praised Mo Wenxuan, but in contrast, she hated Ye Fan even more.
“Yes, Wen Xuan, Chen Dong came to support you in person, why are you still stunned?”
“Quickly, take your grandma to meet you.”
Han Yue’s face flushed with excitement at this time, thinking that the time had come for her home improvement.
While urging Mo Wenxuan, she triumphantly looked at Ye Fan who was drinking tea in the courtyard, feeling triumphant in her heart.
What Song Shide, what Shen Jiuyi, and don’t know if it is true, even if it is true, compared with real bigwigs like Chen Qingquan and Liu Biao, they are a fart.
“Qiu Mucheng, since you marry this wasteful, your family is destined to be trampled underfoot by our family!”
Mo Wenxuan’s mother-in-law, Han Yue, was very proud at this time.
However, Mo Wenxuan was very imaginary.
He knew that he hadn’t let Chen Qingquan and other family heads come to cheer for the face, but besides him, no one else had that face.
Therefore, in this way, Mo Wenxuan drove the ducks on the shelves, and was pushed by Han Yue and the old lady Han to greet them.
“Uncle Chen, Uncle Liu, you are here in person too, why don’t you tell your nephew? My nephew will go to meet you personally.” Mo Wenxuan smiled respectfully.
The old lady Han was even more beautiful, smiling from ear to ear, and reached out to pick up the gifts in their hands.
Don’t think about it, these big shots must be gifts. Mrs. Han suddenly felt that she was making a lot of money for her birthday this year.
“Dong Chen, Dong Liu, you are too polite. I am already very happy to come and congratulate my old lady in person. Why bring gifts?”
The old lady Han said only a few polite remarks.
However, looking at Mo Wenxuan and the old lady Han who were welcoming enthusiastically in front of them, Chen Qingquan and others looked at them like an idiot, frowning immediately.

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