A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 19

Upon hearing this, Qiu Guang and the two knew at the time who saved their Qiu family.
Among the entire Qiu family, the surnamed Chu is undoubtedly Chu Wenfei alone. This is why, as soon as the two of Qiu Guang came back, they fell to Chu Wenfei and thanked them.
“I’m going, it’s Wen Fei really!”
“Wen Fei’s family seems to be really capable, and Shen’s family can do it?”
“Our Qiu family does have a good son-in-law.”
“Wen Fei, you are the benefactor of everyone in our Qiu family.”
In an instant, everyone’s suspicion disappeared instantly after being confirmed by the two Qiuguang brothers. The entire Qiu family are racing to Xie Xiang Chu Wenfei at this moment.
Wang Qiaoyu and Qiu Muying’s mother and daughter were immediately happy.
“Heh, I said before, this time it is all the credit of my family Wenfei, you still don’t believe it? Ye Fan is still a waste of money, what is it now?” Wang Qiaoyu said proudly.
“That’s right, my husband is the best! The Shen family clearly admitted the wrong person yesterday. They should have come to worship me and my husband, but Ye Fan’s pair was useless.” Qiu Muying also raised her chin proudly.
The entire Qiu family was smiling, but Chu Wenfei couldn’t be happy. Remember to read in one second
What the hell is this?
How did he become the savior of the Qiu family somehow?
Chu Wenfei didn’t remember what he did.
“Could it be that the phone call I made with my dad worked?”
“I’ll go, when will my father be so awesome, and Yunzhou Shen’s house can be settled?”
Thinking of this, Chu Wenfei was immediately happy, feeling happy. I only thought that my father had helped.
“Uncle, Fifth Aunt, it’s just a small effort, everyone is a family, don’t be so polite.”
After Chu Wenfei thought it through, he was not humble and began to pretend to be compelling.
Everyone was overjoyed when the Qiu family passed the catastrophe. In the evening, everyone in the Qiu family gathered together and had another meal.
At the family banquet, the old man Qiu looked at the empty seat belonging to the third family, but he sighed: “Call your third sister tomorrow and let her return to the company. After all, it’s the daughter of the Qiu family, breaking the bones. Connected to the tendons, blood is thicker than water.”
At one time, Qiu Mucheng was the granddaughter of Mr. Qiu’s favorite. However, something happened later, and Father Qiu gradually became disappointed with Qiu Mucheng. However, how disappointed, in fact, in the heart of Old Man Qiu, he still missed this granddaughter.
This proposal of the old man is naturally unavoidable from everyone’s opposition and complaints. Especially Qiu Muying and Wang Qiaoyu’s family were the most opposed. But the old man rejected all the arguments and insisted on letting Qiu Mucheng return to the family.
“Forget it, it’s all a family, don’t care about her, come back when you come back.”
“Don’t talk about it, come, everyone will give Wenfei a cup. This time our Qiu family has turned the danger to a breeze, and we rely on Wenfei to turn the tide.”
Everyone in the Qiu family toasted to Chu Wenfei.
Chu Wenfei did his part, eating toasts from everyone, the scenery was infinite, and his heart was very refreshing.
Feeling numb and pretending to be so cool!
However, after a short while, Shen Jiuyi, the head of the Shen family, sent someone to send a message to Mr. Qiu.
“The previous thing was that I had no choice but to teach my son. I feel guilty. I feel guilty. To apologize, three days later, I brought my dog ​​to the Yunjing Hotel and apologized to the Qiu family. At that time, I will invite Mr. Chu and Qiu. Miss, we must go!”
Write down, Shen Jiuyi!
“I’ll go, Wen Fei, great!”
“Shen’s Patriarch wrote a letter personally, wanting to invite you to a banquet and apologize in person?”
Seeing this invitation, the Qiu family boiled again. Qiu Muying was also proud.
Her husband is awesome, she is a wife, naturally she will follow her.
However, Chu Wenfei looked at this invitation, but always felt that something was wrong.
It stands to reason that this Shen family was settled by his own father, and he was not involved in this matter at all. Even if Shen Jiuyi wanted to invite him, he should entertain his father. Why did he entertain himself instead?
Besides, Shen Fei did not provoke him, let alone his wife Qiu Muying. Why did Shen Jiuyi say there is no way to teach his son, let alone apologize?
“This is so special, what went wrong?”
The more Chu Wenfei thought about it, the more he felt strange, and he always felt something was wrong in his heart.

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