A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 20

Chu Wenfei couldn’t figure it out, so he didn’t even think about it.
Anyway, in the entire Qiu family, his surname is Chu, and Shen Jiuyi wants to entertain Mr. Chu. There is no one else except him, so it can’t be wrong.
“This sinking of 900 million yuan, it’s quite going to happen.”
“Fine, go back and tell you bosses, three days later, my Mr. Chu will naturally bring a group of relatives and friends.”
“I hope I can see your sincerity, President Shen.”
Chu Wenfei pretended to force it to be unambiguous, and said condescendingly to the Shen family who came to deliver the letter. That personable appearance immediately drew the Qiu family’s attention.
“This temperament~”
“As expected of the rich family, the children of ordinary people have absolutely no such aura as Wen Fei.”
Everyone in the Qiu family was admired again, and Qiu Muying and Wang Qiaoyu both laughed.
The Qiu family, which used to be in a precarious manner, is now turning around and turning from danger to safety. The whole family is naturally extremely happy.
Ye Fan naturally didn’t know what Chu Wenfei had done for him. But even if he knew it, Ye Fan would naturally not care. First URL m.
He didn’t care how the Qiu family thought of him, he only cared about Qiu Mucheng alone.
News came from the Qiu family last night that Qiu Mucheng had resumed her post in the company. This incident made Qiu Mucheng’s family extremely happy, and Qiu San specially opened a bottle of 1982 Sprite to celebrate for his daughter.
After all, Qiu Mucheng was kicked out of the house by Mr. Qiu before, but now Mr. Qiu didn’t say anything, but this decision alone to bring Qiu Mucheng back to the company undoubtedly meant that the old man was dissatisfied with his daughter.
“Mucheng, there are some things that your grandpa did a little too far.”
“But in fact, your grandpa still has your granddaughter in his heart. So, don’t hate your grandpa.”
At the dinner table, Qiulei spoke in a low voice, speaking to his daughter.
Qiu Mucheng nodded vigorously, her brows slightly reddish: “Dad, I know.”
Qiu Mucheng will never forget that when she was a child, grandpa loved her the most, and she only kept everything delicious and fun. But it’s a pity that Grandpa’s attitude towards her changed three years ago.
Qiu Mucheng didn’t blame Grandpa, she could only blame herself.
“Okay, what are you talking about? Tell me something happy. When Mucheng’s salary is paid this month, let’s go on a trip with our family.” Han Li changed the subject.
“Haha~ good!” Qiulei immediately agreed.
The three of the family had a good time, especially Qiu Mucheng, who also laughed extremely happily. Now that grandpa forgave her, one of the burdens in her heart was immediately let go.
However, at this moment, Qiu Mucheng and the three of them didn’t notice. At the entrance of the study, there was a figure quietly watching, and a gratified smile appeared on the delicate face.
Did he work so hard, soon to protect the charming smile of the beautiful woman in front of him?
Many people were laughing this night.
Qiu Mucheng’s family was laughing, and Wang Qiaoyu and others were also laughing.
The entire Qiu family was immersed in the joy of the rest of their lives. I just think the world is so beautiful for them.
However, how do they know that in this world, how can there be quiet years? It’s just that there are people who are carrying the weight for them.
Ye Fan didn’t bother them, and after a while, he turned around and went back to the study in silence.
For so many years, Ye Fan has always had a habit. After dinner, he will stay in the study alone until late at night.
It’s the same day after day.
Sometimes when he gets tired, Ye Fan will look up at the window. Under the night, the little lights outside are like sparks swaying in the night breeze, perhaps faint, or insignificant.
But Ye Fan firmly believes that one day, a single spark will also be a prairie fire.
“It’s coming soon, Chu family, soon after using it, I will let you owe me, owe my mother, double return!”
Ye Fan’s eyebrows were firm, and his palms were tightly clenched.

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