A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 193

“Chu…Mr. Chu, what’s wrong with you?”
At this time, the room was silent.
Everyone held their breath.
After all, Ye Fan was the one who slapped Junior Brother Wu Herong to death. His skill was absolutely extraordinary.
In the eyes of everyone, it must be an extremely terrifying thing to make Ye Fan so solemn and panic.
Could it be that Mr. Chu saw something terrifying in the video?
In other words, could it be that Mr. Chu felt that Wu Herong had already arrived nearby?
Thinking of this, Lei Laosan, Li Er and others turned pale and turned to look at the doors and windows.
A gust of wind swept across, and the doors and windows here were blown open.
The gloomy cold wind poured crazily along the doors and windows. Remember to read in one second
At this moment, Lei Lao San and the others were all scared to pee, Li Er’s pustule shivered and was spread on the ground, and Chen Ao and others were also full of panic.
Obviously, Junior Brother Wu Herong’s sudden intrusion last night left a huge shadow on them. At this moment, seeing the doors and windows opening, coupled with Ye Fan’s panic and strange look, almost all of them thought.
Could it be that Wu Herong is here?
However, when everyone was horrified, Ye Fan’s voice immediately sounded.
“Something went wrong! Something went wrong!”
“It’s almost half past two. My wife is waiting downstairs.”
“Can’t talk anymore, I have to go quickly.”
Ye Fan was very anxious. After saying a few words, he didn’t even have time for tea, so he hurried downstairs.
Behind him, only the full house was left, with a look of surprise.
Long silence.
Even after Ye Fan left for a long time, the whole room was still silent.
After a long time, Chen Ao and the others just recovered from the confusion.
At this time, the whole house was speechless, Chen Ao’s eyes twitched fiercely, Lei’s old face was green with shit, as for Li’s second, who was so scared that he was lying on the ground, his mouth was twitching at this time. He blushed and opened his mouth as if to say something, but in the end he also cursed a second Olympic character.
Second Austria!
Li’s second child is going crazy.
Dare to love Mr. Chu’s solemn panic and fear just now, not because of Wu Herong’s strength, nor because of the terrible death of the Niu Family Patriarch. It took a long time to be special. Is it just because his wife was waiting downstairs in a hurry?
“It’s really bad!”
“Fortunately, I was so scared just now that I thought the sky was falling.”
“Is it because of this in the end?”
Lao Er Li was full of bitterness, patted his butt and quickly got up from the ground.
The others were also dumbfounded and stunned, and finally everyone looked at each other, but they all shook their heads and smiled bitterly.
“Unexpectedly, Mr. Chu is still a good man who cares about his wife.”
In order to ease the embarrassment, Chen Ao said with a smile.
Everyone also laughed bitterly and made a false alarm, and they all sat back on their seats again, drinking tea to ease their embarrassment. But in my heart, 2b16067d is a secret sigh, Mr. Chu, how is Gu Jia’s wife hurting him? He is really afraid of his wife!
However, at this moment, they can’t help but feel a little worried. Is it really reliable to hand over Jiang Dong’s life and death to a person with strict wife control?
Lei Aoting was also stunned for a long time at this time. Looking at the thin figure who came downstairs quickly, Lei Aoting’s mouth twitched, and he sighed, “What a windy man.”
Just to go downstairs to find a wife, and leave all the big guys here regardless. In the whole Jiangdong, Ye Fan might have the courage.

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