A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 192

Ye a1c72dce turned off the topic, obviously not wanting to waste time on a trivial person. Signaled everyone to calm down and started talking about business.
While speaking, Ye Fan also picked up the teacup to pour himself a cup of tea.
When Lei San saw this, he kicked his son and scolded him for being an idiot. He didn’t wince. Didn’t he see Mr. Chu going to drink tea? He couldn’t go over and pour tea.
Lei Aoting didn’t dare to put one fart. There was still the majesty and pride of the Han family before. Now in front of Ye Fan, he was like a servant, serving tea and pouring water.
When other people heard Ye Fan’s words, they all looked at each other, and they were ashamed and smiled bitterly: “Since Mr. Chu is so straightforward, we won’t hide it.”
“Mr. Honestly, I invite you to come this time because of Wu Herong’s business.”
“You also know that because of Wu Herong, the whole Jiangdong is now disturbed. In order to deal with him, we used to spend a lot of money to invite boxing champion Holden from Southeast Asia. We had high hopes.”
“But who could have imagined that it was a joke in the end.”
“What happened last night really was that we had no eyes and offended Mr.. I hope Mr. Chu has a large number of people and don’t be familiar with us.”
Old San Lei smiled, apologizing to Ye Fan.
Speaking of this matter, Chen Ao and Li Lao Er both looked embarrassed. Before Ye Fan offered to help, neither of them cared. In the end, I had to spare a lap, but I had to ask Ye Fan for help. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Ye Fan smiled: “I said you guys, and I claim to be Jiangdong bosses, all of them are cheap. I took the initiative to help yesterday, but you are not happy. You have to beg me with low eyebrows like today . This is not cheap. What is this?”
“Yes, yes, what Mr. Chu blames.”
Facing Ye Fan’s words that were almost cursing, Chen Ao and others nodded and said yes, without any rebuttal.
Lei Aoting, who poured water on the side, was stunned watching this scene.
Is this still a big boss?
Is this the rich and powerful of the rich side?
Before this, Lei Aoting had never thought that he was as proud and majestic as his father, such as Jiangdong Wang Chen Ao, one day he would be so humble and respectful, so honest and respectful in front of a junior, he wouldn’t dare to put a fart.
Lei Aoting seldom conquered people, but at this moment, he really conquered Ye Fan!
Mr. Chu is really awesome.
Ignoring Lei Aoting’s gaze, Ye Fan continued talking.
“Originally, you insulted me like that yesterday, this is what I planned to resolutely not help.”
“But today I can see you apologize as sincere, nothing else, this young master will just help you once.”
“Time, place, tell me.”
“When the time comes, I will go there.”
Chen Ao and Li’s second child are his people after all. Ye Fan couldn’t actually die.
Now that they are so sincere, Ye Fan simply went down the donkey and agreed.
Chen Ao and the others were overjoyed and thanked again and again, and then handed a piece of paper from Wu Herong to Ye Fan.
Ye Fan looked down.
I saw a few vermilion fonts on the gilded scroll, which penetrated the back of the paper, but they were like a rainbow.
“August 15th, on the top of Mount Tai, I, Wu Herong, will fight the entire Jiangdong!”
Ye Fan looked at it, but shook his head and smiled: “Wu Herong, his tone is not small.”
“However, he does have this confidence.”
Ye Fan had also seen the fist print before.
As for the whole Jiangdong, Wu Herong is probably the only one who can play that kind of punch. Of course, except for Ye Fan.
“Mr. Chu, why don’t you watch that video again, and get to know your opponent first.” At this time, Chen Ao and the others made another video of the destruction of the cow family played in the room.
Although the picture is blurry, the bloody and brutal atmosphere still makes people tremble even across the screen.
At the end of the video, I saw a figure in a black robe, punching out.
There was a deep and loud noise.
Under this fist, all the bullets collapsed. Niu Chaoyang, the owner of the Niu family, fell to the ground instantly, blood spurting!
Seeing this, Ye Fan got up from his seat with a touch. At this moment, above Ye Fan’s face, there was unprecedented solemnity and coldness, as if he had realized something terrible.
Ye Fan’s sudden movement scared Lei Lao San, Chen Ao and the others, and everyone at the table also stood up, their faces pale: “Chu…Mr. Chu, you. .What’s wrong with you?”

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