A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 195

Qiu Mucheng was suddenly surprised, but didn’t expect to meet Qiu Guang and the others here. But Qiu Mucheng didn’t think too much, only that they were here to do business.
“Mucheng, we are here to take you home.”
“I heard that you are coming back tonight, and your grandfather specifically asked us to pick you up.”
“Now the old man has set a dinner party for you at the Qiu’s house, to take care of you.”
“Get in the car quickly.”
Qiu Guang and Qiu Luo were very enthusiastic, and when they saw Qiu Mucheng, they walked up with a smile to pick up Qiu Mucheng in the car.
“Uncle, Uncle, are you all right?”
It’s the first time Qiu Mucheng has seen Qiu Guang and the others so enthusiastic in so many years. What’s more surprising to Qiu Mucheng is that her grandfather even put a dinner party for herself.
What’s going on here?
Go to the wrong script.
Qiu Mucheng only found it incredible. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
I think when she left Yunzhou a few days ago, her uncle and others still seemed to be indifferent to herself, and grandpa didn’t wait to see herself, and even removed her as a project manager, which made her talk hard. The cooperation that came fell into Qiu Muying’s hands.
It is precisely because of this that Qiu Mucheng went down the river in anger.
But who would have thought that the entire Qiu family would have taken the wrong medicine as soon as he came back, and his attitude towards him would have undergone a huge turnaround of 180 degrees. So Qiu Mucheng couldn’t accept it for a while.
Qiu Mucheng didn’t get into the car until Qiu Guang said something, and went back to Qiu Guang’s old house with them.
“My Qiu Family Banquet, what are you going to do?”
“I’ll give you five yuan and take the bus home by yourself.” Seeing that Ye Fan had to follow Qiu Mucheng to get in the car, Qiu Guang was immediately unhappy, and he cursed in disgust, and he gave Ye Fan to the car. Pulled up and down.
“Uncle, what are you doing?” Qiu Mucheng frowned when she saw this, and asked Xiang Qiu Guang a little displeased.
Qiu Guang smiled and said: “Mucheng, I am not thinking about you. Now the old man has finally changed his impression of you, and you are still taking this wretched bag. Isn’t this irritating the old man? You don’t know, he is in our autumn The humble status of the family.”
Qiu Guang was still talking, but Qiu Mucheng had already gotten out of the car: “Uncle is right, we are in a humble position in the Qiu family. So we still don’t go tonight, lest we be embarrassed in the past and make Grandpa angry.”
“Ye Fan, let’s go home.”
Qiu Mucheng was also very angry. Qiu Guang looked down on Ye Fan, that was, looked down on her.
In any case, Ye Fan is her Qiu Mucheng’s legal husband, and of course she cannot allow her family to be insulted like this.
“Mucheng, what I was talking about was the uselessness, and I didn’t say you, why are you angry?” Qiu Guang was anxious at the time, and then quickly stopped Qiu Mucheng from letting her go.
After all, now the entire Qiu family is waiting to be fed, and the company is on the verge of breaking the capital chain. It can be said that the entire Qiu family is counting on Qiu Mucheng to return to the company to win the cooperation with the Red Flag Group?
The old man also gave an order to die, and tonight Qiu Mucheng must be brought back to the old house of the Qiu family.
“Forget it, eldest brother. Just let Ye Fan dip Mucheng light up, and follow along.” Qiu Luo saw that Qiu Mucheng seemed to be interested in defending Ye Fan, and there was no way, so she had to let Ye Fan follow.
Soon, he arrived at the old house of the Qiu family.
The house was brightly lit, and everyone in the Qiu family was there.
“Mucheng, welcome back.”
“Quickly, get seated.”
“Today’s dinner, specially prepared for you.”
Seeing that Qiu Mucheng had arrived, Mr. Qiu led everyone from the Qiu family to greet him.
Although Qiu Muying’s family was very jealous, there was no alternative. The cooperation of the Red Flag Group could only be discussed by Qiu Mucheng.
However, when Qiu Muying saw Ye Fan, a face covered with cosmetics suddenly became angry, full of hatred.
“Ye Fan 12095e65, you bastard dare to come back?”
“Get out of here, get out of here!”
“My Qiu family has no place for you.”
Qiu Muying’s reaction surprised everyone. Qiu Mucheng was also confused, and she didn’t know what Ye Fan did to make Qiu Muying so angry.

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