A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 196

“What’s wrong? You also asked me what’s wrong, why don’t you ask about this wastefulness?”
“A few days ago, I was kidnapped, why are you bastard not saved!”
“If you called the police early, or told my husband earlier, how could I have suffered so many days of sin!”
To Ye Fan, Qiu Muying was itchy with hatred. Can’t wait to tear him up.
Before, she was abducted somehow. Later, the person who kidnapped him asked her to make a video with her husband a0f3968a. It was not Chu Wenfei who appeared in the screen at the time, but Ye Fan.
Qiu Muying wanted Ye Fan to call someone to rescue her, but to Qiu Muying’s anger, the bastard actually pretended not to know him at the time, and shut the computer with a snap.
At that time, Qiu Muying cried in despair. Fortunately, those people didn’t kill herself, they just knocked her out and threw her into the basement to fend for herself. In the end, she crawled out after she woke up.
Qiu Mucheng was also shocked at the time. She didn’t expect her cousin to be kidnapped, and what she said was related to Ye Fan.
“Ye Fan, is what she said true?” Qiu Mucheng asked Ye Fan.
Ye Fan looked innocent, saying that he didn’t know the situation at all: “I have been in the river with Mucheng. How did I know that you would be kidnapped? You are afraid that you have admitted the wrong person.”
“You fart!” Remember to read the book for one second
“I know you too when you are so useless.”
“You are jealous of our family’s life better than you, revenge on me, that’s why people kidnapped me.”
“Yes, you must be the ones who kidnapped me.”
Qiu Muying said more and more outrageously, and finally simply said that Ye Fan kidnapped her.
Ye Fan naturally refused to admit it, insisting that he didn’t know anything about it. But my heart is very happy.
At that time, those people wanted to catch Qiu Mucheng. But who made Chu Wenfei pretend to be Mr. Chu, Qiu Muying also called herself Mrs. Chu. Finally got caught, who is to blame?
Not to blame!
But of course Ye Fan wouldn’t say these things, so it’s better to pretend not to know.
However, Qiu Muying didn’t give up at all. He was noisy and noisy and wanted to let Ye Fan go, and said that he would call the police to arrest Ye Fan.
“Tonight is a family banquet to welcome Mucheng, not your place to mess around.” Old man Qiu was a little impatient, and suddenly shouted angrily.
“But grandpa, this wastefulness is killing me, you have to call the shots for your granddaughter.” Qiu Muying was unwilling to let Ye Fan go, she had to make him pay the price.
“Well, the police will find out about this matter. If it is really related to Ye Fan, I will naturally explain it to you. Tonight, don’t mention this matter again.”
Elder Qiu gave the final word. Although he also hated Ye Fan, he certainly wouldn’t listen to Qiu Muying’s words about this kind of chasing after another.
What he cares more about is the cooperation with Hongqi Group.
At the banquet, Mr. Qiu took the charge and resumed his position as the project manager of Qiu Mucheng again, giving him full responsibility for all cooperation with Hongqi Group.
“In addition, thinking about your short time in the company and many businesses that are unfamiliar. Let Mu Ying assist you as the deputy project manager.”
“You are in charge, she is in charge. You are responsible for negotiating with Hongqi Group. She is responsible for fund deposit and withdrawal, financial management and other aspects of business. Your uncle will tell you the specific division of labor tomorrow.”
Elder Qiu said slowly, his words did carry an unquestionable majesty.
Qiu Mucheng frowned immediately. Although Grandpa’s meaning was vague, Qiu Mucheng could see that he wanted Qiu Muying to control her.
Obviously, she was afraid that Qiu Mucheng would become too powerful in the company and threaten his majesty.
“Grandpa thank you for your trust. Please rest assured, granddaughter will sincerely cooperate with Mucheng’s sister and lead us Qiushui Logistics to a better tomorrow.” Qiu Muying’s mood has calmed down. At this time, she is smiling, but she is paying her respects. Father Qiu was very proud of him.
“Qiu Mucheng, don’t you want to be responsible for negotiating cooperation with Hongqi Group, we will let you be responsible?”
“Anyway, the money we talked about is not in my control. The same is to make this lady a wedding dress.”
Father Qiu’s appointment like this was naturally the result of the operation of Qiu Muying’s family. Moreover, Qiu Muying had already planned it. In the future, she would take advantage of the empty Qiu Mucheng, and after the cooperation between Hongqi Group and Qiushui Logistics stabilized, she stumbled Qiu Mucheng and made her make mistakes. Qiu Mucheng was completely kicked out of this project.

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