A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 205

Cloud View Hotel.
When Chu Wenfei and the others arrived, the sky was already dark and the lights were beginning to shine.
At this point, it is when the nightlife has just begun and there are many people eating out. As one of the few five-star hotels in Yunzhou, Yunjing Hotel has a large number of guests, and the entrance of the hotel is full of cars.
“Yingying, Wen Fei, there are so many cars, are there still parking spaces inside?” Qiu Mucheng’s second aunt Jiang Hong said worriedly.
Qiu Muying waved her hand, but smiled indifferently: “Don’t worry, who is my husband, Mr. Chu from Yunzhou. You forgot that last time, the young master of this hotel, Shen Fei, came out to pick it up himself. As long as my husband is there , Everything is trivial, I will settle it all for you.”
Chu Wenfei also cleared his throat at this time, and faintly pretended: “Second Auntie, with me, as for you, just put a hundred hearts on it.”
“Wen Fei still has face.”
“It’s not like that wimpy husband in Qiu Mucheng’s house.”
“Yingying, don’t worry about the project that is cooperating with Hongqi Group. Sooner or later, it will be yours. Qiu Mucheng is not that piece of material at all and can’t handle it.”
While Jiang Hong and others boasted about Chu Wenfei, they comforted Xiang Qiu Muying. Remember to read in one second
While a few people were talking, they walked over and knocked on Chu Wenfei’s window: “Sir, there is no parking space, and the road is blocked. Please wait here and let the car in front get out.”
“Let’s wait?”
“Don’t you have eyes, do you know who we are?”
“My husband, even if your hotel boss meets, you have to shout Mr. Chu respectfully. In Yunzhou, there are only others waiting for us, how can we wait for others?” This just pretended to be in front of his second aunt After being forced, the security guard asked him to wait here, Qiu Muying was naturally unhappy, and directly cursed at the security guard.
The security guard also got tempered and snorted: “Yes, I kindly advise you not to listen. Then if you have the ability to drive forward? You can stop it, but you are all responsible. If you have more money, you will pay. ”
“A broken Mercedes-Benz C-Class, I am embarrassed to play big names here and put on airs.”
After the security had finished speaking, he didn’t bother to pay attention to them, so he turned around and directed other cars.
“Husband, don’t listen to them, we squeeze forward.”
“This hot day, waiting here, are you going to heat us to death?” Qiu Muying said without knowing the severity.
However, Chu Wenfei looked at the cars in front of him, Porsche, Maserati, luxury cars of millions, and his scalp was numb.
If this happens, how much will it cost?
“Yingying, wait a minute. The traffic in front is jammed and we can’t squeeze 7f7a958f.” Chu Wenfei comforted.
Qiu Muying couldn’t help but complained cursingly there.
At this time, Qiu Muying noticed that a Mercedes-Benz S600 drove past the road without turning at the gate, but went directly to the other gate of the hotel.
The gate opened automatically, and the road flowed unimpeded, and the car drove into the Yunjing Hotel so casually, without any blockage at all.
Qiu Muying took a look, then called another security guard and asked, “Why did that car drive in so casually?”
“That is the supreme passage of our hotel, and most people can’t walk.” The security explained.
When Qiu Muying heard it, her eyes lit up, and she smiled: “We are not ordinary people. Husband, let’s go, let’s turn around and take the supreme passage over there.”
Chu Wenfei felt a little vacant in his heart: “Can it work?”
“How can’t it work? You forgot, Mr. Shen Jiuyi, Mr. Shen specially invited us. You dignified Mr. Chu, take a supreme passage, and it is not smooth. These civilian passages are only for the turtles.”
Qiu Muying was very proud, and then greeted a group of relatives to go with them and enjoy the superhuman supreme service together.
Soon, a few cars of the Qiu family drove past. The security guard who had been scolded by Qiu Muying before saw that Chu Wenfei and the others had gone to the Supreme Passage, and suddenly laughed: “Just you? A group of turtles, they are still leaving. The Supreme Channel, take its own shame?”
When they reached the door, Chu Wenfei and the others were stopped, not even letting them open the door, let alone let them in.

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