A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 204

He didn’t know that Han Li was going to celebrate Qiu Mucheng and was beaten in the face, let alone that Qiu Mucheng invited the Qiu family to the Yunjing Hotel for a big meal in the name of Mrs. Chu.
But even if Ye Fan knew it, he wouldn’t care about it, he would just laugh it off.
From the beginning to the end, Qiu Mucheng and Chu Wenfei were just small people in his eyes. If it weren’t for Qiu Mucheng, they would have difficulty contacting Ye Fan in this lifetime.
Seeing that Qiu Mucheng didn’t want to say anything, Ye Fan didn’t ask any more, but said softly, “Is there time at night?”
“What?” Qiu Mucheng looked at Ye Fan.
“Don’t do anything, you are promoted, celebrate. Let’s go out for a meal.”
“Don’t go.” It was another celebration. Upon hearing this, Qiu Mucheng’s inner heart had just calmed down, and there was a trace of anger again.
Obviously, Qiu Mucheng thought of the family group again.
There is no need to think about it. Now, Qiu Mucheng must have become the joke of the entire Qiu family.
And Qiu Mucheng could also see that Qiu Muying was also deliberately humiliating her by inviting the whole family to dinner, but not letting them go. Moreover, I chose to celebrate her promotion at the same time, which is obviously just to see her jokes. The people who showed off her Qiu Muying’s wedding banquet came to congratulate her, but her Qiu Mucheng’s promotion banquet was not interested.
Ye Fan was not surprised, he seemed to have expected Qiu Mucheng’s reaction. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
After all, after so many years of marriage, Qiu Mucheng had never gone out to eat alone with Ye Fan.
“Really not going?”
“This is the place where the president of Hongqi Group, Mr. Xu Lei, Xu put it.”
“You are not afraid, if you offend President Xu, then cooperation will blow?” Ye Fan smiled lightly.
When Qiu Mucheng heard this, her pretty face suddenly lifted, and said anxiously: “Why didn’t you tell me earlier, time and place?”
“Furthermore, President Xu has a distinguished status, and this banquet should not be invited by President Xu, we should do it.”
Qiu Mucheng is a very ambitious woman. She won’t go to Ye Fan’s dinner. Of course she has to go to Xu Lei’s dinner. After all, it is a matter of the company.
“You don’t need to worry about it. At that time, Mr. Xu will send a car to pick us up. We will wait at home in the evening.” Before Ye Fan finished speaking, Qiu Mucheng immediately left the community.
“I’ll go to the company first to prepare to see Mr. Xu’s materials, and I won’t be back for dinner at noon.”
Looking at the graceful and intoxicating figure in front of him, Ye Fan curled his mouth and smiled faintly: “Mucheng, sooner or later you will know that Xu Lei is not as honorable as you.”
“In my eyes, the ten-mile spring breeze is not as good as you~”
Time soon arrived in the evening.
The family WeChat group became lively again.
“Yingying, have we left?”
“Wait for you in front of Yunjing Hotel.”
“Then his third aunt, have you found your barbecue stall at night, do you want us to give you a ride?”
In the family group, Qiu Mucheng’s family has become a laughing stock, and many people have spoken with sarcasm.
Han Li looked so angry that she turned off the computer without looking at it.
“Huh, isn’t it just a bad meal?”
“Aren’t we rare?” Han Li cursed.
But at this time, Qiu Mucheng had already returned home early, dressed up, and changed into a sophisticated professional OL fashion.
The hem of the self-cultivation skirt outlines Qiu Mucheng’s slim and perfect figure, slender jade legs, snow-white skin, sexy high heels, and three thousand green silks are erected high. At this time, Qiu Mucheng is not A little bit colder, a little more professional temptation, more beautiful and charming.
“Mucheng, Mr. Xu’s car has arrived, let’s get off.”
The phone rang, it was a call from Ye Fan.
Qiu Mucheng gave a hum, and went downstairs.
Downstairs, a Mercedes-Benz S600 parked there. Xu Lei came to pick him up in person, but after seeing Qiu Mucheng, she smiled slightly: “I have long heard that Miss Qiu’s face is beautiful and intoxicating, but I saw it today and it is really pleasing to the eye. No wonder some people are fascinated. For you, Willing to give up the beauty of the whole world.”
Ye Fan pretended not to hear, but turned his head to look away.
Qiu Mucheng smiled a little shyly: “Mr Xu said and laughed.”
After that, the three of them did not stop again. Xu Lei drove the car, and the three of them left the community and drove towards a restaurant.
At the same time, outside the Qiu family’s old house, the number of cars also set off together and got up to the banquet hosted by Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei.
The wind was freezing and the wheels were speeding.
Orange lights tore open the sky, a number of cars, two groups of people, but galloping in the night of Yunzhou.
Under the moonlit night, there was the roar of the beast-like engine.

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