A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2060

Even through the phone, Ye Fan still seemed to be able to think of Han Lao’s tears.
Ye Fan didn’t say a word, just like that, quietly listening to Old Han’s words, allowing the young man to vent his emotions.
After a long time, Han Lao calmed down.
“Little lord, I’m sorry, I lost my mind.”
“I’m just so happy.”
“However, little lord, where have you been these days?”
“Why, haven’t contacted me until now.”
“Do you know that we were looking for you, and it was a painful finding.”
During the time Ye Fan disappeared, Old Han naturally did not idle.
He also tried to use the power of the Dragon Temple to find Ye Fan, and also to search for Ye Fan’s body in the sea area where the incident occurred.
However, the power that Han Lao can use is very limited.
After all, Mr. Han is just a housekeeper. Without Ye Fan’s personal authorization, he would not be able to mobilize someone above the Dragon King in the Dragon Temple.
Especially those “Dragon Gods”, one by one, are rebellious and domineering.
In the Dragon Temple, Ye Fan was able to restrain them.
Except for Ye Fan, none of those people are birds.
Even Elder Han couldn’t give them orders at all.
“Old Han, sorry to worry you.”
“The main thing is that the enemy we face this time is too strong.”
“I was seriously injured earlier, and I was worried about being exposed, so I didn’t dare to contact you.” Ye Fan felt a little guilty.
In fact, during this period, Ye Fan never wanted to get in touch with Old Han and the others, and even Ye Fan wanted to go to Yunzhou to visit Qiu Mucheng and his mother.
However, Ye Fan did not dare to take risks.
The power of the Chu family is too terrifying, once his whereabouts are exposed, then Ye Fan will undoubtedly suffer a disaster.
Therefore, Ye Fan could only choose to hide himself before he had enough self-protection ability.
“Lord, are you injured?”
“How is your body now?”
“Need me to contact Zihua and let her go over and treat you?”
Hearing that Ye Fan was injured, Old Han suddenly became nervous.
Following Ye Fan for so long, Han Lao had put Ye Fan’s safety in the highest position.
Now that he learned that Ye Fan was seriously injured, he was naturally nervous.
“Almost healed.”
“The strength has been restored to its peak state.”
“Otherwise, I won’t contact you.” Ye Fan replied in a deep voice.
“Little Lord, you are right.”
“During this period of time, Chu Zhengliang and his sons are frantically searching for your whereabouts.”
“Just a few days ago, they not only used the Chu family’s family power that walked the world, but also used Chumen’s intelligence network to search for you.” Old Han whispered.
After Ye Fan heard this, his expression changed slightly.
“Can use global family power?”
“Presumably, this has to be approved by the Chu Family Patriarch, right?”
Ye Fan sneered coldly, with a bit of self-deprecation and sarcasm.
It is said that tiger poison does not eat seeds.
But Ye Fan didn’t expect that the man would have participated in the siege of himself.
After so many years, it really hasn’t changed at all, it’s still as unfeeling as it was back then.

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